Mazda's CX-Series sales increased 21%, prepares 4 new models to enter the market in the first quarter of this year

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Mazda's CX-Series sales increased 21%, prepares 4 new models to enter the market in the first quarter of this year

Mazda reveals that its sales performance in 2021 was over 35,000 units or accounted for 5% market share. The passenger car, Mazda2 was the best-selling model, followed by three models in the CX-Series that were recently launched to the market in the last quarter of 2021. As a result, Mazda's sales in December reached to 3,750 units, in particular, the CX-30 and CX-3 were able to achieve the highest record since they were introduced to the Thai market. In addition, Mazda prepares to welcome Tiger year by unveiling 4 new models to the market in all segment to stimulate the market since the beginning of the year. To begin with CX-3, Mazda2 and prepare to unveil CX-30 and Mazda3 in the first quarter of this year and enhance the quality of aftersales service at the same time. Mazda sets 2022's sales target at more than 40,000 units or increase by 10%, accounted for over 5% market share.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said, "2021 is another challenging year for automotive industry as there were many external and internal factors affecting the business operation. Especially, the pandemic of Covid-19 and shortage of supply for semi-conductor that were considered as main factors affecting world economy since the beginning of the year. At a result, it led to main industry slowdown in the past year. With government relief measure and cooperation from Thai people, on the contrary, businesses were able to recover and could move forward to the end of the year and the Thai automotive sales volume decreased slightly as expert expected."

For the Thai's automotive market in 2021, the industry's cumulative sales was 762,000 units (estimated number) or decreased slightly at 4% which was in line with Mazda's vehicle sales that was set at 40,000 units. Due to worldwide spread of Covid-19 and lockdown measure in Thailand, business trend and world economy were not as good as expected. In a meantime, Mazda was able to achieve cumulative sales at 35,385 units, which decreased slightly by 9.8% from 2020. However, it was still considered as the highest sales volume in the ASEAN region and new emerging market. Mazda's cumulative sales can be divided into 19,799 units of passenger car (decreased by 20.2%), 14,225 units of crossover SUV (increased by 21.4%) and 1,361 units of pick-up truck (decreased by 49.7%) and had a market share at 4.6%.

Mr. Chanchai added, "The unveiling of new models and the update of products in order to create newness to both passenger and crossover vehicles resulting Mazda to had sales in December at 3,750 units (highest record in FY2021). It can be divided into the CX-30, the crossover SUV that gains a high popularity from customers since it was launched to the market, with a cumulative sales of 1,255 units (highest record since it was launched). The second best-selling model was Mada2 which had a total sales of 1,059 units, followed by the CX-3 or the most popular model featuring new body color, "Platinum Quartz" that was just launched to the market, which had cumulative sales of 750 units (hit the highest record since it was launched). In addition, the Mazda3 contributed another 137 units, followed by 192 units of Mazda CX-8, which is the crossover SUV that comes with new choice of 6-seat gasoline engine and another 137 units of the CX-5. In addition, the Mazda BT-50 pick-up truck became popular again with cumulative sales of 211 units and another 1 unit of MX-5."

Mr. Chanchai also revealed his vision toward the direction of Thai economy and Thai automotive industry, "Mazda expected that the Thai automotive industry will increase about 5-10%. However, it depends on government measure toward tourism support, price of agricultural products and the pandemic of Omicron variant of Covid-19, which is the most important factor as it is uncontrollable. In this year, it is expected that the automotive market will recover in the first quarter as we foresee from the increase of sales in December, which is the indicator showing customers' confidence and needs to purchase new cars. For Mazda, we foresees that we will be more successful in this year and we set the sales target to increase at least 10% or has more than 40,000 units of cumulative sales and achieve more than 5% market share."

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President said about the marketing strategy, "Mazda was successful in the past year and we were able to support the business and achieve sales target though there were many obstacles to overcome. Importantly, every new model had received overwhelming feedback from customers. Although Mazda did not launch new models to the market in the first half of the year, Mazda launched the CX-5 and the CX-8 in October and the CX-3 in December. The three models were very popular among Thai customers and were able to drive Mazda's sales in December and achieve 3,750 units."

"For 2022 strategy, we plan to increase our competitiveness and prepare for the economic rebound. Especially, the expansion of used car business, "CPO" or Mazda Certified Pre-Owned that has a standard and guaranteed from Mazda which we aim to open 9 new outlets nationwide. We will focus on product technology, marketing, sales, services, and network expansion to meet the increasing number of customers and meet the changing behavior of customers. Also, we will continue focusing on online marketing strategy to meet the exact needs of the customers in this digital era." Mr. Thee added. 

Mazda's cumulative sales in 2021 VS 2020

ModelJan - Dec 2021Jan - Dec 2020% change
Mazda217,81321,789- 18.2
Mazda31,9823,041- 34.8
Mazda CX-34,7472,229+ 112.9
Mazda CX-307,4975,725+ 30.9
Mazda CX-59301,623- 42.6
Mazda CX-81,0512,139- 50.8
Mazda BT-501,3612,711- 49.7
Mazda MX-549- 55.5
Total35,38539,266- 9.8

In 2021, Mazda had done marketing activity intensely amid the pandemic of Covid-19 namely,

  • January: Launched New Mazda BT-50
  • February: Launched New Mazda2 2021 Collection
  • April: Held Mazda national dealer conference via Video Conference
  • June: Opened MAZDA FAST SERVICE to provide express periodic maintenance within 30 minutes and allow customers to access to faster service and to alleviate the congestion at main service center
  • June: Mazda Motor Corporation announced new technology and product policy towards 2030 based on Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 and Medium-Term Management Plan and endeavor for carbon neutrality by 2050
  • August: Mazda held Mazda Punsuk for a second year by setting "Punsuk Pantries" in front of Mazda showrooms and caravan to help people
  • September: Sponsored Nakhonratchasima Mazda F.C. (10 years support)
  • September: Provided Mazda BT-50 for Thammasat University field hospital and vaccination center for medical staff to use during the pandemic of Covid-19. Also, Mazda donated personal protective equipment for Covid-19 to Thai Cross to support the operation of medical staff
  • October: Provided support to customers affecting from flooding with a special promotional campaign namely, 50% discount on Mazda parts and 10% discount on service labor rate
  • Early October: Launched New Mazda CX-5 with new concept "Live the remarkable life" and announced to step up as crossover SUV leader
  • Mid October: Launched New Mazda CX-8, the premium 6-and 7 seats 3-Row Crossover SUV
  • November: Launched New MAZDA CX-3 with new color "Platinum Quartz"

"All mentioned above is Mazda's business operation throughout the past year and Mazda's 2022 business plan. I would like to thank all customers, partners and related parties that have been supporting Mazda. We will continue delivering the cars that are set on the need of our customers." Mr. Thee added.

To welcome New Year, Mazda offers a special promotional campaign "Mazda New Year Festival" during 15-23 January 2022 at Mazda showroom for customers to experience NEW MAZDA2 featured with new color "Platinum Quartz" and provide special offer in every Mazda model. The offers include a minimum 0%* interest rate, free 1-year Mazda Premium Insurance* and the first 800 customers who pay 3,000 Baht for vehicle booking, and receive the vehicle within 31 January 2022, receive free Sony Portable Wireless Speaker valued 1,990 Baht.**

In addition, Mazda also provides aftersales campaign, "Mazda Festival" during 1-31 January 2022 at Mazda service center with 0%* installment up to 10 months, receive up to 8,000 Baht cash rebate* and receive up to 13%* discount when redeem point. Also, customers who purchase products and services are eligible for a tax deduction equivalent to the amount spent, up to a maximum of 30,000 Baht under "Shop Dee Mee Kuen" (shop and Payback) scheme.


*Terms and conditions are applied by the company and please carefully study more information at

*Receive free Sony XB13 Extra BassTM Portable Wireless valued 1,990 Baht for the first 800 customers who pay 3,000 Baht for vehicle booking and receive the vehicle within 31 Jan 22 at participated showroom.

*A maximum of 30,000 Baht for Tax deduction and receive cash back from tax deduction not more than 10,500 Baht for products and services at Mazda service centers from 1 Jan 22 - 15 Feb 22 (Terms and conditions are applied by the government).

*Please check type of products and participating credit cards at the service point every time before making transaction.

*Terms and conditions for the use of credit card are applied by issuing bank.

*The company reserves the right to check, redeem, cancel or change the terms according to the conditions of each bank.

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