Singha Estate unveils RISE ABOVE strategy to drive Residential business target to THB52billion, Penetrate market with three new housing segments, first project ready to launch in September 2022

Real Estate News Wednesday June 1, 2022 09:38 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Singha Estate unveils RISE ABOVE strategy  to drive Residential business target to THB52billion, Penetrate market with three new housing segments,  first project ready to launch in September 2022

Singha Estate Public Company Limited unveils its plan to invest more than THB32 billion budget to push forward the luxury housing market, introducing three new segments following the success of SANTIBURI The Residences. The company is confident that high-end housing segmentation is the company's growth engine for the future. Singha Estate eyes THB 52 billion target project values within five years. Under the 'RISE ABOVE' strategy, Singha Estate Residence also plans to develop best-in-class housing projects that deliver superior values and experience.

Nattavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Development Officer, Singha Estate Plc., one of Thailand's leading real estate developers and investors, revealed for the business plan of the Residential business that, "As consumers today spend more of their time at home. They, therefore, consider a place that can enhance their quality of life, as well as provide functionality and adaptability. Home is where happiness if there 24/7, while it serves many functions in life. Not only is it a place to live, but it is also a place for social gathering space and a work-from-home office. Singha Estate has brought the new trend into the heart and designed housing projects that will answer to the new lifestyle needs. Also, following the success of SANTIBURI The Residences, it goes to show that we understand the needs and wants of high-end consumers.

Singha Estate reaffirms our stance on creating a valuable, enriching life experience. Through the eyes that pay attention to every detail to make a legacy that lasts for generations. We are committed to building best-in-class projects that deliver the best experience at the international standard level in all of our projects, in parallel with developing the livelihoods of the community, the society, and the environment."

Nattavuth added about the business plan this year, "Singha Estate is in full gear in the development of the housing projects in 2022 under the theme 'RISE ABOVE', which represents the dedication of Singha Estate in reaching the superiority in all aspects, comprising of three elements:

ABOVE THE NUMBER: Beyond the business and the development plans that aim to deliver new product offerings that respond to the needs of modern consumers, Singha Estate also challenges itself with new targets. Due to the rising popularity of housing projects, as a result of the sale growth for detached, semi-detached, and townhouse projects. Singha Estate, therefore, plans to launch new housing segments that can cater to the diverse needs of homebuyers, with a focus on strategic locations. As for the five-year plan, Singha Estate is eying the development of projects with total target values of THB 52 billion for both housing and high-rise projects, with the proportion of 75% and 25% respectively. The three new segments comprise projects starting from THB 10-100 million, one of which will be ready to launch this year and is worth more than THB 2.9 billion. Other projects will continue to launch with an estimated value of THB 3-14 billion per year. It is expected that the Residential business will be able to generate more than THB 10 billion in revenue per annum within 2026.

ABOVE THE DESIGN & SERVICE: With the design that has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of the 'New Trends of Living', usage areas can be adjusted for various living purposes so that the houses are spaces for all in the family.

  • Smart Living
    • Smart Layout: Space and function are designed to cater to the needs of all family members in all generations. The company has gone above and beyond to create usage areas that fit the modern consumer behaviors, as well as keeping the environmental comfort of those living in the house, from the amount of natural light, heat, and wind, as well as ventilation.
    • Security for Families: The security management is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that ensures safety for all family members.
    • Easy for Maintenance: With the Maintenance Alert that the house can self-diagnose itself so that it can in advance, prevent any damage to the internal system. Homeowners can fast and easily check up on the health of their home through the S life mobile application.
  • Healthy Living
    • Clean Air: The air purification system, S Air within the projects is working around the clock to ensure the quality of life and the best of rest and relaxing time for residents.
    • Clean Water: A water filtration system for everyday use and consumption is available to provide cleaner water for residents.
    • Cool & Quiet: The 'Cool House' innovation helps increase better ventilation with the breathable wall, in addition to the heat-insulated shell that ensures comforts, days and nights. It also keeps quiet from outside noise.
  • Sustainable Living
    • Existing Tree Conservation: Big trees are conserved in several landmark areas across the projects, where their shades keep reducing the ambient temperature on a hot day, and to preserve the original ecosystem biodiversity as much as possible.
    • Clean Energy: Solar energy is used throughout the projects to help save energy and lose the burden on utility expenses for the residents.
    • Water Reuse: Equipped with the water management system, so that water can be reused for plant watering throughout the projects.
    • Material Selection & Long Lasting: The timeless, yet state-of-the-art design and function are crafted with current and future use in mind, and respond to the needs of people of all generations.
  • Exclusive Services
    • Warranty Extension: To extend the peace of mind.
    • Homecare Service: Seamless maintenance call service 24/7.
    • Concierge Service: Fulfill the living experience with the premier concierge service that is always ready to serve.

ABOVE THE LIVING EXPERIENCE with Privileges on 'S life' services from the Group and partners to cater to the lifestyle needs of all residents, e.g.

  • S Hotels & Resorts: Enjoy services and stays from leading hotels and resorts, both domestic and international destinations.
  • Recreational activities: Such as golfing, scenic balloon rides, and camping.
  • Food & Beverages: Enjoy dining privileges from leading restaurants.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy concerts and other entertainment activities all year round.

"With the strategy, the Singha Estate-housing style will have a unique identity. It will be a Maintenance Alert or equipped with Prevention Maintenance System. It is meant that your house will be able to inspect itself for possible damages, or risks, even before they happen. It is also a balance between timeless beauty and high functionality, where environmental innovation is implemented e.g., energy-saving, and air-management technology to ensure that residents will have a good quality of life, along with comforts, more quality time with their families, and a full and relaxing rest at home. Through the theme 'Rise Above,' we want to offer the true superior living experiences and spaces of happiness with your loved ones," Nattavuth said.

Nattavuth added, "Singha Estate is also launching three new housing segments, which are a super-luxury detached housing project worth THB 50-100 million per unit in a premium location, as a spin-off from the success of SANTIBURI The Residences. The character of the new project will focus on timeless design that can be passed on for generations. Under the brand, Siraninn Residence, every detail is carefully crafted elegantly as if we are making a masterpiece. The second is a luxury housing project in a premium location

that is well reflected in the urban and stylish luxury lifestyles with state-of-the-art facilities, which is offered at THB 20-50 million per unit. The project is designed to be spectacular while keeping harmony with nature and the residents' lifestyles as if they are resting in a luxury resort every day. Lastly, an affordable luxury housing project in another premium location that is convenient and highly accessible to the heart of the city, with under the THB 10-20 million per unit. The project is created for the lifestyle of the modern generation with detail-oriented design and a focus on form and function."

"This year, we are focusing on Siraninn Residences with the project value of THB 2.9 billion, which is expected to launch in September. The project is located on Pattanakarn 32, one of the most premium locations for urban housing projects today. It is highly accessible to several central business zones via many routing options e.g., Sukhumvit's Thonglor and Ekamai, as well as connecting with the economic zone such as Rama IX. Siraninn Residences is a two-story horizontal luxury detached housing project, surrounded by quality communities, offering exclusively only 32 units. The other two segments will be officially launched in 2023," said Nattavuth.

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