ManpowerGroup Thailand Discloses 11 Technology Roles to Watch Second Quarter 2022

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ManpowerGroup Thailand Discloses 11 Technology Roles to Watch Second Quarter 2022

Experis(R), a global leader in IT professional resourcing, and Experis(R) Academy to help enhance "soft skills" for future professional growth within the organization

Thailand has entered fully into digital economy and society. Various technologies and innovations are driving the society and are rapidly being incorporated into every day lives. Consequently, the fast developing technologies are playing a huge role in every aspect of businesses even replacing people skills. Nevertheless, "People are our organization's most valuable asset" is still very much relevant. Many companies search for personnel with skills, knowledge and capability to take organizations to the next level. Talents with IT skills such as data analysis, coding as well as developing software in particular are in great demand.

Recently, Experis(R), ManpowerGroup's IT professional resourcing and managed services company, surveyed 39,000 hiring decision-makers in 40 countries, and conducted in-depth interviews with eight global talent and technology leaders spanning industries and functions, each with an expert perspective on the challenges ahead.  Findings of the survey which were published in "The New Age of Tech Talent" report highlighted the following:

  • More than 98% of candidates would be selected based on skills, knowledge, expertise in specific skills and at least three-year work experience.
  • 98% of potential data science candidates would be screened by employers stipulating just four technical requirements and three years of work experience.
  • 34% of hiring managers said not enough candidates had the correct technical skills
  • 32% of hiring managers said they didn't have enough relevant experience
  • 32% of hiring managers said more than a quarter or 27% of candidates for the digital sector lacked the right soft skills

According to Khun Lilly Ngamtrakulpanit, Country Manager Thailand, ManpowerGroup, "Nowadays technology is developing faster than humans resulting in an intense competition in the labor market. Organizations are in need of skilled talents who are willing to adapt to technologies in the digital age to significantly contribute towards driving the growth of their company. 'The New Age of Tech Talent' survey by Experis(R) found that many organizations are facing challenges in sourcing talents with the right skills, knowledge and capabilities in the digital line of work. Demand for IT Project Managers are up to 22% whereas positions in Encryption / Information Security / Cybersecurity Analysts / Software and Applications Developers and AI and Machine Learning Specialists are at 20%."

11 Technology Roles to Watch Second Half of 2022

1) IT Project Managers 


2) Encryption / Information Security / Cybersecurity Analysts


3) Software and Applications Developers


4)  AI and Machine Learning Specialists 


5) Database and Network Professionals


6) Big Data Analysts & Specialists


7) Digital Marketing and Content Specialists


8) Cloud Computing Specialists


9) Digital Transformation Specialists  


10)  Augmented & Virtual Reality Specialists


11) Internet of Things Specialists


12) None of these roles


Some of the companies recruit new staff to take place of old staff who lack IT skills, however, it was discovered that these new recruits still lack skills to help develop the company further. Most organizations pick out existing staff from within and invest in reskilling and upskilling them and tapping their full potential rather than looking for talent outside the organization.

New technologies provide opportunities for new styles of learning: self-guided, experience-based training that gives their workforces a greater sense of ownership and control. The Experis(R) Academy is one such source. It seeks to help organizations bridge their talent gaps through practical, comprehensive training in a range of technologies. Using the expertise of specialist trainers and industry experts, employees learn through a combination of theory and application. For example, Experis(R) Academy partnered with Scania AB, the global manufacturer of sustainable transportation systems headquartered in Sweden, to analyze skills gaps and create a custom front-end developer training program. The 12-week reskilling program generated significant interest throughout the company, including non-technical employees who had not previously considered IT career paths.

Experis(R) Academy enables employers to match candidates to a set of minimum-level criteria, so that recruits can start work straight away. Some employers choose to further with data science and entrust more of their hiring processes to technology such as artificial intelligence (AI). When a study compared humans against hiring algorithms for more than 300,000 hires in high-turnover jobs, it found that hires chosen by AI technology stayed longer and performed equally or even better. The algorithms outperformed humans by at least 25%. Once staff are hired, data-driven technologies can help them acquire the skills they need to develop. Experis(R)'s Career Accelerator helps employees set up personalized professional development programs by mapping their current skills, assessing these against what employers are looking for, and building a tailor-made menu of continuous learning.

The report also stated that significantly, 7 in 10 workers say having leaders that they can trust, and follow is important to them, and 2 in 3 want to work for organizations that share their values. Therefore, the most important skills needed in every organization are soft skills or human skills. Employees that possess "Soft Skills" are likely to achieve success with his/her boss, colleagues, business partners or customers. Such skills are the new "Power Skills" that modern technology cannot yet pick up nor able to replace humans.

The top 5 most difficult "Soft Skills" to find are: -

  • Reasoning/problem-solving skills
  • Accountability, reliability, discipline skills
  • Critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Creativity and originality skills
  • Resilience, stress tolerance and adaptability skills
  • In conclusion, Experis(R) and ManpowerGroup aim to support digital talents to attain stability and progress in their work life. Should any potential talent be looking for a new job; or any company or organization looking to recruit skilled workforce, please contact Experis(R) on or or tel. 02 171 2399 or email: and all social media platforms.

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