Plus Property showcases its Sole Agent portfolio for 2022, comprising 13 projects worth 12.4 billion baht, while reasserting its stance of being a professional partner for the client

Real Estate News Thursday September 22, 2022 15:29 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Plus Property showcases its Sole Agent portfolio for 2022, comprising 13 projects worth 12.4 billion baht, while reasserting its stance of being a professional partner for the client
  • Plus Property proudly presents its sole agent business results for this year, spanning 13 property projects on highlight locations in Bangkok and the provinces. Sukhumvit, Ari, Sathon and Ratchada are some of the locations with high potential in Bangkok. In the provinces, PLUS has been managing projects in tourist destinations such as Hua Hin and Phuket. In total, 12.4 billion baht of project value is being managed this year. PLUS is also highlighting the trust that clients have given to the company's professionalism. This is due to the availability of a seasoned sales team, accurate database and analysis capability and insight into market and consumer demands.
  • PLUS is confident the property market will become revitalized in the final quarter of the year because of supporting momentum from the tourism sector. The company is expanding its clients base by taking on sales management contracts from developers in provinces that have good potential, such as the tourism destinations of Hua Hin and Phuket.

Ms. Somsakul Limsuttaphan, Deputy Managing Director - Business Development and Asset Management Department, Plus Property Company Limited, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed "PLUS's project sales management team were entrusted by developers to manage a total of 13 projects, worth 12.4 billion baht in all, in 2022. These include property projects in Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket. 70% of the projects were of the condominium and 30% were detached house and townhouse projects. The projects span across all price segments, from affordable projects to luxury offerings. Since the start of the year, PLUS has managed sales and marketing for 7 property projects, namely Quintara Phume in Sukhumvit 39, Quintara Treehaus in Sukhumvit 42, Thawee on Phet Kasem Rd., Dusit D2 Hua Hin, Kalm Penthouse Ari, Park Ram Inthra and MEKA Ramintra. Together, these projects account for 6 billion baht in value. The projects have already achieved an 81% sales ratio, worth 4.8 billion baht. A highlight project is the 440-million-baht Kalm Penthouse Ari where a sold out phenomenon was achieved within just 11 months. MEKA Ramintra is another noteworthy project as it is situated in an area with potential in the heart of the Ram Inthra locale, while being just 1 kilometre away from the Pink Line electric train. Designs were based on the concept "The Pride For Endless Pleasure". The project consists of 3-storey detached homes built in a modern luxury style that emphasized privacy. Only 24 units were available."

From the final quarter of 2022 to early next year, PLUS will manage sales for 6 other projects that are due to launch. These include Navara Pahonyothin 8, two projects in Phuket, a townhome project in Bangkok's Ratchaphruek area and the Quintara MHy' Gen project in the Ratchada-Huai Khwang locale. The latter offers a central city location enabling connectivity to all other sites in Bangkok via Ratchada, all at an approachable starting price of 1.99 million baht*. Furthermore, the Quintara MHy' Den project in the Pho Nimit-Sathon area will become the 5th project from developer Eastern Star which PLUS has administered sales for.

Aside from taking additional sales management contracts in Bangkok, PLUS has also been expanding its clients base toward the provinces, especially toward tourism destinations such as Hua Hin and Phuket. The foreign market is currently making a comeback, with information from the Tourism Authority of Thailand forecasting 7-10 million foreign tourist arrivals this year. This would be significantly higher than last year's figure. Thailand's full reopening to tourists since July 1 also presents added hope for the revitalization of economic growth. Said revitalization would benefit the recovery of various business sectors in Thailand, especially those within the tourism sector. All the while, the Thai real estate market has been receiving positive signals from the tourism sector.

Plus Property places importance in being a "partner" to clients and highlights several advantages of its sales management service. PLUS pays keen attention to the requirements of developers and has insight into market demands. Key success cases have enable the company to continually gain the trust of clients, who allowed PLUS to continue managing sales for them. An example is Eastern Star Real Estate Plc., which is currently having PLUS manage sales for the 5th time. Meanwhile, the Enrich group has submitted two projects for PLUS's management. Plus Property offers total solution services, including sole agent service that provides developers with consultation at every step of the way, from initialization of project development to design, marketing and sales. PLUS continually develops the capabilities of its sales personnel so they can perform as professional advisors who are knowledgeable and able to provide accurate target group and market assessments and are also able to act as investment advisors. PLUS's research team makes use of data analytics to improve on sales and engage the CRM system to determine the real demand of consumers. This is achieved in part using the Customer Journey initiative. The information attained is presented to the client developer.

Plus Property is a full-service professional property and facility management agency. PLUS is able to provide sales management service for all types of residential projects, delivered by its team of personnel that leverages experience spanning more than 25 years. For more information, call02 688 7555 or visit

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