"PointX" and "The Mall Group" join forces to transform retail industry with their "Scan & Pay" campaign, which allows customers to use PointX in lieu of cash when shopping

Economy News Friday September 23, 2022 10:18 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

The introduction of PointX, an app that consolidates all spending reward points in one wallet, is revolutionizing user experiences and allowing for the infinite accumulation of reward points that can be spent as easily as cash. SCB TechX, a subsidiary of the SCBX Group specializing in digital technology, has recently partnered with Thailand's premier shopping operator, The Mall Group, to enrich shopping experiences and open up new alternatives for earning and redeeming points. The partners are launching a "Scan & Pay" campaign, allowing customers to use their PointX rewards as a means of payment in lieu of cash when purchasing goods and services across the entire department stores. The campaign's goal is to bring a fresh shopping experience to everyone. Special! With the "Weekend Special," customers can get 100 baht when redeeming 800 PointX rewards on Saturdays and Sundays between September 24 and November 20, 2022, and with the "Month-End Special," customers can earn 200 baht when redeeming 1,000 PointX rewards on at the end of every month between 26 - 30 November and 27 - 31 December 2022.

Speaking about the new partnership, SCB TechX Chief Executive Officer Trirat Suwanprateeb said, "When it comes to supporting and addressing the needs of consumers in the digital age, SCB TechX is dedicated to delivering technological capabilities and cutting-edge innovations to establish new platforms. Therefore, we have set out to create "PointX," a platform that consolidates all of your reward points into a single digital wallet. With the new platform, reward points will have a whole new spectrum of applicability beyond the traditional exchange of rewards. Recently, we formed a strategic partnership with "The Mall Group" to develop a novel direction in retail by providing a heightened shopping experience. Together, we will be launching "Scan & Pay" campaign that allows customers to use their PointX rewards at discounted rates and pay with a scan of their wallet instead of cash at any store in The Mall Group's retail chain. Through this partnership, The Mall Group and SCB TechX will be able to combine and leverage their respective strengths in digital technology and retail leadership on a national scale to provide customers with a novel shopping experience that caters to their needs in every way."

The Mall Group Digital Retail and Strategic Alliance Senior Vice President Natee Srirasmee said, "The Mall Group continues to build a new level of seamless shopping to fulfill all lifestyles of customers across all generations through its connections with strong partners in a variety of ecosystems. We focus on providing the finest customer experience and customer journey at every stage of their interaction with our company. Towards this end, The Mall Group has partnered with "SCB TechX" to introduce the "PointX" app, allowing customers to use their points to scan and pay for goods and services without needing cash at the Mall Group department stores, which includes The Mall, The Mall Life Store, Emporium, EmQuartier, and Paragon Department Store. To offer our customers the greatest possible shopping experience, we are always looking for ways to improve our retail operations, both in terms of products and services.

Even more special, "PointX" offers a valuable incentive for shopping at special point redemption rates throughout the year. The promotion includes the "Weekend Special," allowing customers to earn 100 baht when redeeming 800 PointX rewards on Saturdays and Sundays between September 24 and November 20, 2022, and the "Month-End Special," allowing customers to earn 200 baht when redeeming 1,000 PointX rewards on at the end of every month between 26 - 30 November and 27 - 31 December 2022. For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center 02-777-7777 or visit www.pointx.scb.

Steps to redeem Point X rewards for scanning at checkout:

  1. Transfer all SCB credit card reward points to the PointX application.
  2. Select the scan icon from the lower menu to scan a QR Code at the cash register; or
  3. Navigate to "Pay at Store" and "Scan to Pay with Points" within the PointX app.
  4. Scan the QR Code at the register to use PointX rewards as payment.
  5. Pay with PointX rewards via the SCB EASY application. Customers must choose the option of
    paying with "All points" or "Partial points."
  6. Verify the payment information, then select "Confirm".

Those interested can download the "PointX" application to experience a new way to redeem reward points anywhere as if they were cash at:

  • Link for download: https://www.pointx.scb/get/
  • QR Code for download

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