"MAAI by KTC", joins hands with Bangchak to Drive Digital CRM Added Options for Members to Transfer and Exchange Points Between Each Other.

Economy News Tuesday September 27, 2022 09:54 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

"MAAI by KTC", is joining forces with Bangchak, in an effort to bring out the strengths of both brand's loyalty platforms, reinforcing a commitment to leadership in platform loyalty, expanding benefits, and delivering superior experiences for members in the digital age. By adding channels for transferring and redeeming points between MAAI and Bangchak, members will have more options than ever, with many privileges from partner network stores in a variety of daily spending categories.

Mrs. Pranaya Nithananon, Senior Vice President - Credit Card Marketing, KTC, or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited. "MAAI by KTC" Loyalty, a platform from KTC, continues to develop our systems and network of partners. With the goal of being a tool to help business partners in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), to create a complete and integrated ecosystem with partners by building on what KTC specializes in, such as member management, reward points management, and management of benefits in the form of electronic coupons, E-Coupons, and bring the most efficient system to service partners to support growing stronger, together.

"Currently, MAAI by KTC has many partners, covering restaurants, buffets and cafes, movie theaters such as Major Cineplex and SF Cinema, online retailers, and travel, such as flight booking services and travel services through KTC World Travel Service. In addition, over 400,000 participating stores nationwide also support QR Code scanning for MAAI by KTC, giving members the freedom to use only a small number of points at a time, making it more convenient to redeem points at retail stores. As a result of this cooperation, members will be able to enjoy benefits that are relevant to them, as well as strengthen their relationships with partners and have more bonds in the long run."

Mr. Somchai Tejavanija, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing Business Group, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited. "Bangchak was the first brand in the oil retail business to launch a loyalty program. To provide ever expanding benefits to customers over the past 16 years, the system has been continuously improved to meet the needs of the modern lifestyle, in addition to collecting and redeeming points instead of discounts when refueling, buying from Inthanin, or oil. The unique strength is the benefits. "Increase Equals Returns"(Same Price) Bangchak members will receive extra points equal to the difference in rising fuel prices, when refueling on the first day of a price increase, or customers can choose a Boon, or Merit Basket, where customers can donate points to their choice of 18 foundations. Adding a point transfer option between Bangchak Point and MAAI Point offers an option for both Bangchak and MAAI for KTC members to transfer and exchange points between them. This allows customers of both organizations to choose to receive benefits from partner network stores that cover everyday spending categories, such as fuel, lubricants, beverages, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, and travel. At the current exchange rate, 220 MAAI Points to 100 Bangchak Points, and 100 Bangchak Points to 110 MAAI Points."

The collaboration between Bangchak and MAAI by KTC is an important step for both brands in their efforts to deliver a rewarding experience for members. By combining the strengths of both organizations, namely Bangchak's membership base and the diversity of KTC's benefits, we come together to expand the channel and add options for members of both programs to choose the benefits that suit them the most. This will increase long-term member loyalty, and also increase overall customer engagement, increasing customer satisfaction in response to the diverse needs of customers of all generations and ages."

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