Chia Tai Honored as HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia 2022

Economy News Thursday September 29, 2022 11:23 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Chia Tai Honored as HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia 2022

Mr. Prawin Khurowat, Chief Financial Officer of Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, represents the company in receiving the international award from HR Asia that recognizes Chia Tai as one of HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022. The award presentation ceremony has been recently hosted by HR Asia at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park.

Realizing that a crucial contributor to an organization's success is employees' wellbeing and happiness, Chia Tai continues to be dedicated to its focus on human resources and actively works for people development, while also building a positive work environment that fosters creativity through a comprehensive ecosystem that encourages the development of work-life balance. To ensure that employees are not only safe, but also physically and mentally healthy, the company places a focus on three main areas as follows:

  1. Happy Body and Mind: Encourage employees to develop strong physical and mental health by providing a modern fitness center, trainers, golf simulators, as well as various fitness classes.
  2. Happy Living: Create a home-like atmosphere in Chia Tai Headquarters by including a variety of practical facilities, comprehensive office supplies, and a shared co-working space for employees to collaborate cross-functionally.
  3. Happy Teamwork: Boost employee engagement and cultivate One Chia Tai working mindset that encourages everyone to fully grow, develop, and express their unique potentials and viewpoints.

Chia Tai is also a workplace that offers opportunity for employees to keep learning towards career growth. Employees are constantly given challenging projects to push themselves, develop themselves, and succeed at work so as to achieve the goal of creating an innovative and dynamic organization based on four corporate values which consist of Integrity, Innovation, Partnership, and Passion. These are all essential components for producing a favorable work environment, as well as developing the abilities and potential of employees.

The fact that Chia Tai wins HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 awards is testament to the company's business direction that focuses on people development in line with business growth in order to encourage all employees to contribute to the advancement of Thai agriculture's potential and the creation of sustainable food security. Those interested in becoming a member of the Chia Tai family can learn more at or LinkedIn

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