Thai Union receives AMCHAM CSR Recognition for 2nd consecutive year

Economy News Thursday November 24, 2022 11:23 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Thai Union receives AMCHAM CSR Recognition for 2nd consecutive year

Thai Union Group PCL has been listed on the AMCHAM CSR Recognition list for the second consecutive year for its continued efforts to deliver on its commitment to Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans, creating long-term economic and social value, from The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM).

Adam Brennan, Group Director of Sustainability at Thai Union, accepted the certificate of AMCHAM CSR Recognition, on behalf of the Company from U.S. Ambassador Robert F. Godec (2nd from right) and AMCHAM President Jeffrey Nygaard (3rd from left) at the 2022 AMCHAM CSR Excellence Recognition Award Ceremony held at the Conrad Bangkok.

The Company was also a finalist for the AMCHAM Special Award for its Green Giving Project, an internal circular economy program designed to help the ocean by upcycling plastic waste collected by employees. Ocean plastics and landfill waste is a considerable global challenge, and through this project Thai Union enabled circularity and ensured that the plastics were upcycled into critical items used by the medical and waste picking community throughout the pandemic.

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