"Thonglor Thai Cuisine" offers 4 Thai-style hamper sets for the upcoming festive season

Economy News Friday November 25, 2022 08:58 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

With the festive season just around the corner, "Thonglor Thai Cuisine" is offering four options of hamper sets which feature traditional Thai delicacies with a contemporary twist including auspicious Thai desserts, homemade chili paste, royal Thai appetizers, and Chinese pastries meticulously crafted by the young generation of Thai chefs who have a strong passion for Thai culinary and handicrafts. All hamper sets are packed in beautiful wooden boxes, with prices ranging from 480 - 3,500 baht (7% VAT not included). The hamper sets are available for pre-orders from 25 November 2022 - 7 January 2023, and pickups are available from 1 December 2022 - 10 January 2023.

The first set, 3,500 baht, is an assortment of auspicious Thai desserts. (Please pre-order 2-3 days in advance.) It features five auspicious Thai sweet treats in a glass jar including "Golden Turtle", which symbolizes longevity and good health, "Thong Ake", a symbol of wealth, "Cha Mongkut", a symbol of leadership, "Sanae Chan", which gives the meaning of charm like moonlight, and "Golden Threads", a symbol of longevity. The box is beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and leaves such as white Lisianthus, white Echo, white Gypsophila, Polyscias, Oriental Arbor-Vitae and Banyan root, representing a garden of white plants. The desserts can last up to 1 week when kept refrigerated.

The next set, 2,500 baht, is an assortment of homemade chili paste. (Please pre-order 3 days in advance.) It includes young tamarind chili paste with crispy fish, ma mard mad chili paste and green peppercorn chili relish, with a side of hand-carved vegetables such as cucumber, long beans, purple cabbage, lettuce, Gotu Kola, pumpkin, carrot, and unripe papaya. Chili paste can last up to 1 week when kept refrigerated.

Another set, 3,500 baht, is an assortment of handmade prawn, chicken, and pork dumplings. (Please pre-order 3 days in advance.) It comprises four royal Thai appetizers including bird-shaped prawn dumplings, flower-shaped prawn dumplings, purple flower-shaped dumplings with chicken filling, and Thai steamed pork dumplings, accompanied with fresh vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, coriander, purple cabbage), hand-carved vegetables for soft-boiling (carrot), Thai chilies and fried garlic. The dumplings are served in a hand-carved pumpkin bowl. The pumpkin can be used to cook savory and sweet dishes as well. The dumplings can last 2-3 days when kept refrigerated. It is recommended to reheat by steaming for 10-15 minutes before consumption.

The last set, 480 baht, comprises six edible roses made from mung beans with milk. The sweet treats can last 2-3 days when kept refrigerated. (Please pre-order 3 days in advance.)

Thonglor Thai Cuisine is located at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor (Thonglor 5) and open daily from 10.30 AM to 9 PM. To place an order for delivery, please contact LINE Official Account: @thonglorcuisine or call 095-426-4646 or 02-000-4701. For more information, latest updates and promotions, please visit www.thong-lor.com, Facebook and Instagram: Thonglor Cuisine. Another channel is also available for you to update on craftsmanship through Instagram: Sri.thonglor.

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