Celebrate the festive seasons with "Scan & Pay" from PointX, a new world of reward point accumulation and redemption

Economy News Friday November 25, 2022 10:41 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Celebrate the festive seasons with

The PointX application offers a new world of unlimited reward point accumulation and redemption. Developed by SCB TechX, an SCBX company specializing in digital technology, PointX lets customers use reward points like cash to enjoy a new shopping experience. As a thank you to a warm response from users, PointX is now offering a "Scan & Pay" promotion campaign for customers to celebrate the festive seasons and enjoy month-end shopping with points at a special month-end redemption rate of 1,000 PointX for 200 baht at The Mall Group department stores between 26 - 30 November and 27 - 31 December 2022. For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center 02-777-7777 or visit www.pointx.scb.

How to scan & pay with PointX

  1. Transfer reward points from your SCB credit card(s) to PointX.
  2. Select "Scan" from the app menu at the bottom to scan the merchant's QR Code, or go to "Pay to a merchant" to "Scan to pay with points" on the PointX app.
  3. Scan the merchant's QR Code to proceed with the payment.
  4. Pay with PointX via the SCB EASY app by choosing to pay with either "All the points" or "Some points."
  5. Review the transaction details and select "Confirm."

Download the PointX application, a new world of unlimited reward point accumulation and redemption at:

  • Link: https://www.pointx.scb/get/
  • More information visit www.pointx.scb
  • QR code

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