cmg receives 4th consecutive 'Kincentric Best Employer Thailand 2022' award and 'Kincentric Best Employer Hall of Fame 2022'

Economy News Wednesday November 30, 2022 10:39 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

cmg receives 4th consecutive 'Kincentric Best Employer Thailand 2022' award and 'Kincentric Best Employer Hall of Fame 2022'

cmg receives 4th consecutive 'Kincentric Best Employer Thailand 2022' award and 'Kincentric Best Employer Hall of Fame 2022' Embracing 'Lead the Change' to elevate the satisfaction of all employees in the organisation.

Central Marketing Group (cmg), a subsidiary of Central Retail, one of the leading retail distributors in Thailand with over 40 fashion, beauty, watches, and technology brands in its portfolio, was recently feted at the Kincentric Thailand Best Employers Award and Learning Conference 2022. The company received the "Kincentric Best Employer Thailand 2022 Award" for the fourth consecutive year and the "Kincentric Best Employer Hall of Fame 2022 Award" for organisations given a Best Employer Award for three consecutive years. The awards reflect the company's consistent commitment to never stop growing and elevating its relations with its employees through its 'Lead the Change' vision.

Edwin Yap Hawson, President of Central Marketing Group (cmg), said, "Winning the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award for the fourth consecutive year is such a huge blessing for us. Our unswerving commitment to love and serve our brands, customers and teams has proven to build our success through the years, both in terms of business growth and in being a great place to work for our employees. This year, our rallying cry of 'Lead the Change' has motivated us to not fear change but use it to drive us further in developing our business and our teams."

Three key factors to driving cmg's 'Lead The Change' Approach are:

  • Brand Management Under cmg: cmg continuously seeks world-class brands and brings the latest product innovations to meet the needs of Thai consumers. Shopping behaviours of consumers today are rapidly evolving and cmg appreciates that consumers are embracing convenience and prefer flexibility when purchasing products and receiving services. In this connection, cmg is offering a more convenient and flexible payment gateway through the Atome application; a buy-now-pay-later service enabling shoppers to pay in instalments without needing a credit card.
  • Caring for Customers and Delivering Products and Services That Meet Their Needs: cmg continues to lead in data-driven digital marketing via its CRM T1 platform to provide customers with the latest products and exciting offers. Moreover, customers can enjoy shopping at their fingertips from Virtual Shopping Service, Dedicated e-commerce sites along with social media channels such as Facebook or Line to "Chat & Shop" connecting them with their favourite products and brands.
  • Maximising Employee Potential and Prioritising Their Well-being: With the adoption of new technologies within the organisation, cmg provides opportunities for employees to sustainably learn and continue developing knowledge and enhancing competencies in every way necessary to keep pace with the unfolding of the digital age. cmg is committed to strengthening the skills of young talents to empower them to become effective leaders going forward. Moreover, cmg prioritises employees' well-being to foster a positive and comfortable working environment. To this end, its I-CARE working culture actively listens to employees, provides a flexible workplace, and recognises employee dedication and performance through Best Employee Awards.

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