Mazda unveils the Mazda CX-30 Carbon Edition in Machine Gray, purchase today gets free 5-year warranty, free labor, free part and free Mazda premium insurance

Motors News Wednesday November 30, 2022 17:12 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Mazda unveils the Mazda CX-30 Carbon Edition in Machine Gray, purchase today gets free 5-year warranty, free labor, free part and free Mazda premium insurance

Mr. Tadashi Miura, President and the management team of Mazda Sales Thailand welcome Mr. Kwanchai Phaphatphong, President and CEO of Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. and Organizing Chairman of Thailand International Motor Expo 2022, together with organizer and honored guest at the opening of Mazda Booth. In this time, Mazda has brought a special edition model "the Mazda CX-30 Carbon Edition" in Machine Gray exterior color to display as a highlight for the first time together with the exhibition of all Mazda Carbon Edition model; the Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda CX-3 in Polymetal Gray and Machine Gray exterior colors and all Mazda vehicles featuring Skyactiv and KODO Design. The Motor Expo 2022 is held during December 1-12, 2022 at Challenger, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani or only 12 days.

Mr. Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, "This year is very important for Mazda because we are about to take a step towards a crucial change. Mazda has created a newly designed exhibition booth that was developed from the concept "Less is More", which reduce the excessive parts to maintain the elegance and express the Japanese mastery like a precious piece of art as "Car as Art", and was combined with the exhibition of the 4-model and 6-variant special edition model, "the Mazda Carbon Edition". Moreover, all functions has been well-prepared to welcome all customers because Mazda commits to the pursuit of all means to make customers happy which is in line with "All for Customers". More importantly, we must take care of our customers with services that exceed their expectations. For the Motor Expo 2022, we do not set sales target or aim to achieve the highest booking but we want Thai people to own the best car that is environmentally friendly and preserve our beautiful earth for our future generation.

On this occasion, Mazda would like to invite customers and Mazda fans who are interested in owning a Mazda car to come and experience the elegance of various Mazda models and receive many special offers i.e., 29,900 minimum down payment, 2.09% interest rate, free 1-year Mazda Premium Insurance, 5-year extended warranty/ 150,000 km and Mazda also provides a complete customer care from the first day of car ownership to 5-year aftersales service with a special premium program, the MAZDA ULTIMATE SERVICE (MUS), covering both warranty, periodic maintenance, labor fee, parts, and fluid along with 24 HR. emergency assistance services worth up to of 62,568 Baht. Also, Mazda has prepared Nescafe Dolce Gusto valued 2,490 Baht* for customers who book Mazda vehicle at the Motor Expo 2022. Customers who are interested to own a Mazda car can find these special offers at the Motor Expo 2022 or at Mazda showroom nationwide.

*All terms and conditions are applied by the company and please carefully study more information at

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