Nissan unveils limited edition models at Motor Expo 2022 celebrating 70-year and the 'Spirit of Innovation' legacy in Thailand

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Nissan unveils limited edition models at Motor Expo 2022 celebrating 70-year and the 'Spirit of Innovation' legacy in Thailand

Nissan Thailand, celebrating its 70-year legacy in the market, today unveiled the special 70th-anniversary limited editions of its core models at Motor Expo 2022, held from 1 December - 12 December 2022, at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Together with the limited edition models, Nissan offers customers exclusive sales and after-sales promotions that enhance their confidence and satisfaction throughout their journey.

Isao Sekiguchi, President of Nissan Motor Thailand, expressed his gratitude to Thai customers, "To thank our valued customers for their continuous support over the past seven decades, Nissan will continue the "Spirit of Innovation" that has been delivering products with cutting-edge technologies that also offers reliability and durability to Thai customer for over 7 decades."

"The 70th anniversary's full lineup of Nissan core models and a wide range of special sales and after-sales offerings are now available at the Nissan booth at the Motor Expo 2022 and at our 174 showrooms nationwide. We are confident that our customers will enjoy exploring our innovative products while driving with comfort, confidence and peace of mind along their journey." Sekiguchi added.

Product highlights

70th Anniversary special version
The limited edition is available for each of the 4 core models - Nissan Almera, Nissan Kicks e-POWER, Nissan Navara, and Nissan Terra. These special 70th-anniversary version models will carry the prestigious 70th-anniversary logo, the milestone of our legacy and pride. These will also come with special strip stickers decoration at the front hood & side mirror and a special interior carpet set. For each of these core models, this special version is exclusively produced in limited numbers. Owning this car, customers will share this memorable moment with Nissan and its long connection with Thailand.

The Special 70th Anniversary MSRP are as followed :

Nissan Navara
Enhance with the modern sporty and tough look of the Black edition that makes its debut at Motor Expo 2022 is the New Nissan Navara Black edition in trendy stealth grey color. The new color, together with the special sporty black tone accessories is available in both King Cab Calibre and Double Cab Calibre. Navara popular pickup is well-known for its reliability, toughness, durability and stylish in new color sets excites customers with an adventurous mind and inspires them to "Live for the Unexpected".

Nissan also brings to the show the full range of Nissan Navara. The 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder, DOHC twin-turbocharged YS23DDTT engine offers a maximum power of 190 hp (Ps) and 450 Nm of torque (Nm), a 7-speed automatic transmission (7AT) with manual driving mode (M mode) for enhanced driving performance and better fuel economy, that runs on all types of diesel fuel (B7, B10, and B20). Its famous 'Fully-Boxed Frame,' a single piece of steel chassis, provides excellent payload capabilities. Other features offering usability and versatility include an integrated step in the rear bumper that makes bed access easier and a flap-type, tie-down hook that helps secure both large and small loads.

New Nissan Kicks e-POWER is the only electrified B-SUV in the market with Nissan's proprietary e-POWER technology. The Nissan Kicks Kicks e-POWER's fun-to-drive enables drivers to enjoy the full-electric vehicle benefits without changing their behavior - no worries about external charging. Its 2nd generation e-Power technology comes with a 2.06-kWh lithium-ion battery that provides even better driving performance with a maximum power of 136 PS with the highest torque of 280 Nm. The new drivetrain provides the car with more impressive power, better but smoother acceleration and responsiveness of the electrified vehicle experience. In addition, Nissan's unique technology, e-Pedal Step, provides drivers with greater convenience and a more tireless driving experience. This unique feature gives drivers greater convenience and a more tireless driving experience, which is very helpful and increases driving confidence, especially while driving either in the city with the fuel efficiency of 26.3 kilometers per liter for city drive and 23.8 kilometers per liter on average for overall mode*. or on a winding road. The New Kicks e-POWER comes with full suites of advanced active and passive safety technologies, several comfort features together with the new "Premium Sporty" AUTECH grade.

Nissan Almera, one of Nissan's top-selling models for the past decade and the best compact sedan awards will impress customers with powerful performance, fuel efficiency, impressive protection and connectivity. Powered by the 1.0-liter turbo, giving a maximum power of 100 horsepower (Ps) and a max torque of 152 Nm, this HRA0 powertrain delivers powerful and quick acceleration from the engine's turbo flat torque character. At the same time, it provides impressive fuel efficiency, fun & pleasure of driving and full confidence with a full suite of Nissan's 360? SAFETY SHIELD technologies. The latest upgraded infotainment system NissanConnect supports smartphone connectivity via both Android Auto** and Apple CarPlay; the navigation system via Google Map or the music streaming via Spotify and etc. at its 8-inch touchscreen display audio system. Almera still maintain its DNA of urban sedan comfort & convenience with spacious roominess, and the latest "Quole Modure" premium seats that do not accumulate as well as reflect heat providing greater comfort and enjoyment on the entire journey.

Nissan Terra
The premium family SUV, Nissan Terra, features a superior design, enhanced safety and entertainment, making it an impressive SUV for the entire family from its spacious interior cabin has been designed to provide maximum comfort on long journeys. Its powerful 2.3-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, delivers 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, the SUV provides the best acceleration performance in its class. Plus 7-speed automatic transmission ensuring a smooth yet powerful drive. Its engine supports all types of diesel fuel, including B7, B10 and B20, and offers good fuel economy. In addition to powerful performance, it also features 4x4 (4WD) drive mode that allows the driver and passenger to go anywhere as well as feel safe with advanced protection with its state-of-art '360 Degree Safety Shield'. The best-in-class surround sound system from Bose Premium Audio, featuring eight specially designed speakers and amplifier, is set to keep the entire family entertained during a long journey. Rear passengers can enjoy a world of online entertainment via the 11-inch screen with HDMI or Smart TV stick connectivity.

Empowering mobility and beyond
As a world leader in electric and electrification technology, Nissan also showcases its Nissan LEAF with 100% electric power and how it can be used beyond mobility with Nissan's Energy Share Concept. Stationed in the electrification technology zone, Nissan LEAF, with its bi-directional charge, will demonstrate how its vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability benefits consumers. The vehicle recently joins the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand's study on energy conversion between electric vehicles and electrical systems which result in the energy sustainability of the society in the future. This markets the first BEV in Vehicle to Grid testing of V2G testing with a large 40kWh capacity EV battery and the first-ever bi-directional charge for use with the Nissan LEAF in Thailand.

Exclusive sales promotion for 70th Anniversary
Available from today until 31 December 2022, Nissan's special promotions include starting interest of 0% or installments up to 84 months (terms and conditions apply). Nissan customers for all models including return Nissan customers will get a chance to win a discount of up to 100,000 THB for every car, a total value of 2.8 million THB from 1 November - 22 January 2023.***

Special After-sales offerings
In making the 70th-anniversary celebration even more special, Nissan introduces special after-sales packages to increase customers' confidence and satisfaction. The offerings will be available from December 2022 until the end of February 2023 to help Nissan customers enjoy the festive season more and travel worry-free. The offerings cover a free standard 28-item-periodic check, car washing, vacuuming and disinfection service and a 1,000 baht special discount when changing 4 tires with the best price guarantee.

Nissan also offers 15-44% discount from the normal price when purchasing Save Safe periodic maintenance and oil change package, 0% interest rate installments for 10 months when spending 5,000 baht up (including VAT) per sales slip and 6 months when spending 3,000 baht up (including VAT) per sales slip, special price of 700 baht from the normal price 1,125 baht for premium cabin filter, 200 baht discount for air conditioner cleaning service, and 20-50% discount on air filter and chemical products such as injection cleaner, engine flushing oil and oil additive for vehicles age over 10 years base on model.****

'* For Driving in Urban / under NEDC or Thailand's ECO sticker: Details vary by model.
'** Only compatible smartphone models
'***Terms and conditions apply
'****Terms and conditions apply

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