"TRUMPF" Celebrates 100 Years, Pioneering Technological Advancements into the Future: Unveiling the First Customer Center in Thailand and Introducing a 24kW Laser Cutting Machine

Economy News Thursday February 8, 2024 15:36 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

TRUMPF, the innovative leader offering high-tech solutions for metal sheet processing machinery, laser technology, and electronics from Germany, celebrates its 100th anniversary and takes a forward step in driving technology towards the future. The company unveiled groundbreaking innovations - a 24kW Laser Cutting Machine and inaugurated a Customer Center, the hub for TRUMPF's machinery and technology in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Philip Meyer, Head of Country Management Asia & JFY International, emphasized the continuous growth in Thailand's metalworking industry. With a focus on efficient machinery and technology development to support manufacturing, TRUMPF stands proud as an innovative leader offering advanced solutions for metal sheet processing machinery, laser technology, electronics, and Industry 4.0. The company takes pride in being at the forefront of innovations that propel technology into the future, contributing to the global industrial landscape, particularly in Thailand. Emerging technologies like AI, quantum technology, human-connected technology, and sustainable smart factory solutions play a pivotal role in driving industries worldwide, including Thailand.

On the occasion of TRUMPF's 100th anniversary, the company reiterates its commitment to developing technologies and solutions that meet the current and future needs of customers. TRUMPF is dedicated to upholding its values and adhering to the highest standards, ensuring long-term success for the organization. The company positions itself as a driving force behind innovations, collaborating with technologies that shape the future of industries.

Looking ahead, TRUMPF aims to promote technology that supports industries in adapting to diversified product lines and meeting consumer demands. The "You Win" campaign concept emphasizes that your success is our success. In 2023, TRUMPF achieved historic global revenues exceeding 5 billion euros and over 400 million baht in Thailand, showcasing its sustained growth.

Mr. Decha Lertvilaisak, General Manager TRUMPF Thailand & Philippines, revealed the establishment of the first Customer Center in Southeast Asia, located in Thailand, recognizing its potential as a vital hub for machinery and technology in the region. Spanning 700 square meters, the center exhibits machinery innovations catering to diverse customer needs, including metal sheet cutting, bending, drilling, welding machines, and Smart Factory solutions. TRUMPF introduces New Entry Level Machines tailored for medium-sized businesses looking to incorporate advanced technology into their industries.

Mr. Decha highlighted the latest innovation, the 24kW Laser cutting machine, as a remarkable advancement in laser technology. This machine, boasting three times the efficiency and speed compared to a 6kW laser, is suitable for efficiently cutting metals with a maximum thickness of 50mm. The 24kW Laser promises high-performance, rapid, precise, and convenient metal cutting.

"With the introduction of the 24kW Laser cutting machine and the establishment of the Customer Center in Thailand, TRUMPF is confident in receiving positive responses from the industry. We anticipate substantial sales for the 24kW Laser technology and the New Entry Level Machines group in Thailand," stated Mr. Decha.

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