Spotlight on factors boosting Tops' expansion into Nakhon Sawan: Embracing demand for economic center in the Lower Northern region

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Spotlight on factors boosting Tops' expansion into Nakhon Sawan: Embracing demand for economic center in the Lower Northern region

Spotlight on factors boosting Tops' expansion into Nakhon Sawan: Embracing demand for economic center in the Lower Northern region, bolstering Nakhon Sawan's retail sector

Nakhon Sawan, one of the provinces in the Lower Northern Region, emerges as a new economic hub in Thailand. Widely known in the past as Pak Nam Pho ? an important trade intersection at the mouths of the Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan rivers which converge here. Nakhon Sawan boasts stunning natural tourist attractions and cultural heritage, including the tradition of the Pak Nam Pho guardian gods procession. Moreover, it serves as a gateway to Northern Thailand, connecting with several provinces. Over the past six years, there has been continuous urban expansion in Nakhon Sawan, leading to significant investment from various industrial groups, shaping it into a new economic hub in the Lower Northern Region (Source: Seminar on Transport Infrastructure Development, Fiscal Year 2023, Bank of Thailand, Northern Region Office).

Tops, food business under Central Retail and the leading retail chain in the supermarket format, sees opportunities from various factors to facilitate the success of expanding branches to Nakhon Sawan province. This move aims to enrich and diversify the retail market of Pak Nam Pho city, as well as stimulate spending, making this secondary city more vibrant.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer of Food Group, Central Retail, revealed, "The company recognizes the economic potential and development of Nakhon Sawan province, which is rapidly emerging as a New Rising Economy City with great growth opportunities. It is another important economic area of Thailand. Tops, as Thailand's leading food retailer, is committed to continuous business development and branch expansion, offering the best products and services to satisfactorily cover consumers in every part of the nation, in line with the 5-year strategy 'CRC Retailigence'. Therefore, seizing the opportunity to expand into new branches, Tops at Central Nakhon Sawan is launched, marking the 5th branch in the Lower Northern Region. With a vision to deliver 'Food Experience for ALL' experience to all customers, it is believed that this move will drive the growth of Nakhon Sawan province by enhancing the quality of life through consumption of quality products. Moreover, it recognizes positive factors as key attractions in selecting expansion areas and creating opportunities for retail businesses in various dimensions."

  • Transforming Nakhon Sawan into an emerging metropolitan, upgrading it to the hub of the Lower Northern regional economy.

Key factors driving investment groups and large-scale businesses, including Tops, recognizing the potential of Nakhon Sawan province, are its role as the central business hub of the Lower Northern region. Apart from being a gateway to the North and located along the North-South Economic Corridors (NSEC), Nakhon Sawan also serves as a logistical hub linking the central and northern regions. This is facilitated by supporting transportation infrastructure megaprojects by the government, such as the Northern high-speed railway system, the dual-track railway system between Nakhon Sawan and the border city of Mae Sot, and the recent northern railway line expansion. It is expected to become a more popular tourist destination this year and a new focal point beyond just a transit city. Combined with Nakhon Sawan's status as the 3rd largest province with a significant Chinese community in the country, household incomes averaging over 21,000 baht per month and average expenses per household at 17,231 baht per month (source: Nakhon Sawan Provincial Statistical Office) reflect a large and affluent consumer base, especially among Thai families of Chinese origin.

  • 'Tops Central Nakhon Sawan' offers curated products sourced from premium-quality raw materials worldwide, enhancing the shopping experience and providing access to superior product choices to locals.

Tops, located at Central department store Nakhon Sawan, marks its second branch expansion in 2024 and is the fifth branch in the Lower Northern region. It aims to elevate the shopping experience for Nakhon Sawan residents while reinforcing its expertise in sourcing the finest food and ingredients globally. With a comprehensive range of over 22,000 items spanning 1,800 square meters, customers can choose from a variety of premium consumer goods and top-quality ingredients, including fresh imported fruits and vegetables, premium-grade meats and seafood, popular snacks from various countries, premium-grade ingredients, and many more. Catering to the high purchasing power of Nakhon Sawan residents and those living in nearby provinces, it offers value through grand opening promotions.

  • Continuing its commitment to agriculture and agro-processing in Nakhon Sawan, Tops supports local farmers and promotes community products through the 'Jing Jai Farmers' Market.'

The uniqueness of Tops Central Nakhon Sawan lies in the introduction of the 'Jing Jai Farmers' Market', its 34th branch, which extends its mission to support Thai farmers for sustainable growth and stable income. Under the 'Small Act Together' initiative for a sustainable world, Tops provides a platform for 99 households from 5 communities to sell locally grown agricultural products and community goods, ensuring freshness and quality through meticulous selection and dedication. Products such as seedless sweet and crispy Kimju guavas; delicious non-toxic milk jujube; pomelo; Manila tamarind; salad greens; Moji, popular famous local delicacies; geographically indicated (GI) pandan fragrant Hom Mali rice of Nakhon Sawan; and many more are available for customers to purchase, supporting the sustainable growth of local farmers while enjoying high-quality products.

Discover a shopping experience that meets every need comprehensively and seamlessly today at Tops Central Nakhon Sawan branch. We are open every day from 09:00 to 22:00. For more information, visit, TopsThailand Facebook page, or LINE Official @TopsThailand.

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