SCGC Moves Forward with Empowering Communities, Launches "Amazing Community" Model to Foster Valuable Jobs through Self-Reliance, Highlighting the Potential of the Elderly, Women, and Young Generation

Economy News Monday April 22, 2024 08:57 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

SCGC Moves Forward with Empowering Communities, Launches

SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited, or SCGC, a leading integrated chemical player in the region focusing on business growth alongside sustainability, has launched the "Amazing Community" model aimed at reducing inequalities in line with SDG & ESG goals. The initiative is set to empower communities through principles of self-reliance in a concrete manner, enhancing valuable job creation that benefits both society and the environment. It showcases the potential of communities and inspires society through the amazing power of three community groups: the elderly, women, and young generation.

Namthip Samphowprasert, Brand Management and CSR Director of SCGC, revealed, "SCGC has been continuously working on social and environmental initiatives and promoting the local economy in Rayong Province. This includes fostering job promotion, generating income through the development of community enterprises, organizing community markets within the plant premises, and utilizing services from the local area, which helped contribute over 56 million baht to the community's income in 2023."

"Working closely with communities has allowed us to see their potential, thought processes, and ways of life, leading to valuable lessons in job creation under the 'Amazing Community' model. This includes 1) fostering self-reliance and continuous self-development, 2) engaging in occupations with integrity, 3) creating opportunities and jobs for others, and 4) being environmentally conscious. SCGC has also shared stories of creating valuable occupations under the Amazing Community model from three age groups: the elderly, women, and young generation. These efforts aim to inspire and prepare for the further scale-up of this model," said the Director of Brand Management and CSR of SCGC.

Prapai Kotcharin, Chairperson of the Baan Thapma Stingless Beekeeping Community Enterprise, who represents the Amazing Power of the Elderly, said, "After retiring from government service, I became interested in finding a hobby. I did a great deal of research and discovered the 'stingless bee,' a small insect of immense value. The honey produced by these bees is not only unique but also possesses medicinal properties and can be developed into a variety of beneficial products. Then, I decided to create a network of stingless beekeepers, which generated income and led to the development of products under the brand 'Baan Mee Chan Dee.' More importantly, it has inspired elderly people in the community to engage in stingless beekeeping and other side jobs, bringing smiles and boosting morale among the elderly. This encourages them to lead more vibrant lives and truly builds a network of happiness in retirement."

Currently, the enterprise network includes more than 50 stingless beekeepers managing over 400 hives. SCGC has brought in experts to enhance knowledge and test the honey in preparation for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. This initiative also helps expand the network and elevate the products to become signature goods of Rayong Province.

Prakong Kerdmongkol, Chairperson of the Map Chalud Community Enterprise, who represents the Amazing Power of Women, said, "Our group's inception stemmed from the gathering of housewives facing constraints and needing to care for family members. They took on sewing jobs within the community but traveling to sew each piece proved challenging. This led to a shift toward fabric bag production, which all members could do from home and complete several pieces per day. We have implemented an equitable and fair income distribution, allowing the housewives to regain self-esteem. Importantly, it has helped distribute income among community members. Ultimately, we developed a variety of fabric bags under the brand 'Chalued,' with the slogan 'Every stitch comes from a smile.'"

Furthermore, SCGC has played a role in product development, enhancing sewing skills, and promoting management knowledge. This collaboration has fostered product designs that meet sustainability standards, facilitated online marketing, and supported participation in various events.

Ranyana Chancharoen, Chairperson of the Baan Ralin Green Living Community Enterprise, who represents the Amazing Power of Young Generation, said, "Our initial intention was to provide our family members with products made entirely from natural ingredients, ensuring safety and preventing allergic reactions. We seriously began to study natural product formulations, including cleaning agents and dishwashing liquids, among others. After seeing positive results within our family, we started sharing them with friends for trial and eventually began producing them for interested consumers under 'Baan Ralin' brand. Our products, made from 100% natural ingredients, are safe for consumers and environmentally friendly, as the wastewater from the products is also eco-friendly. We meticulously select our ingredients and have established a network with local farmers, sourcing organically grown ingredients that do not use pesticides. This ensures product quality and helps to generate income for farmers."

SCGC has also contributed significantly to the "Baan Ralin" community enterprise by assisting in the process of obtaining certifications from various agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SCG has supported product quality testing, the development of other natural extracts, and branding, including logo design and marketing strategies.

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