Kerry Express Announces Fruit Season Campaign "Sending freshness with happiness" Fast Delivery, Freshness Guaranteed and Easy Claims within 1 Days*

Economy News Tuesday April 23, 2024 16:23 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Kerry Express Announces Fruit Season Campaign

Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited ("KEX"), the country's leading express delivery provider, is delighted to announce the launch of our campaign, "Sending freshness with happiness," in celebration of the fruit season. We are committed to delivering fresh fruits directly from the garden to our customers. Distinguished by our commitment to quality service, speed, safety, and a one-day claims policy*, both senders and recipients can rest assured. We aim to enhance the experience for Thai consumers, allowing them to enjoy delicious fresh fruits as if they were just harvested from the garden.

Mr. Warawut Natpradith, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited revealed that Kerry Express continues to deliver the experience of eating fresh, delicious fruit just like picking from the garden. By launching the campaign "Sending Freshness with Happiness", we aimed to support the demand for delivery of popular seasonal fruits and delivered directly from the garden to customers in every area covering all of Thailand, which comes with outstanding features as follows;

  • Express delivery with professional standards ensuring the fruit remains fresh throughout the journey.
  • Safe and worry-free service, with employees diligently caring for each box.
  • Easy claims process within 1 day*, with a guarantee of up to 2,000 baht.
  • Innovative packaging of fruit boxes specially designed to preserve fruit quality and prevent bruising.

"This year we also have a special service to deliver fresh fruit overseas with SF Express, the largest integrated logistics service provider in China and Asia. This service is tailored for those residing overseas, allowing them to enjoy fresh fruit as if they were in Thailand. We're gearing up to unveil a new fruit box, accommodating various types of fruit. This innovation stems from deep insights into both merchant and customer needs, showcasing Kerry Express' dedication to delivering top-quality fruit to our customers."

Regarding the new packaging for fruit boxes, there will be six sizes: S, S+, M, M+, L, and Tall. These boxes will consist of five layers of thick, durable paper and will feature ventilation holes adjusted to 2 cm. to prevent small fruits like longans and lychees from falling out. Moreover, the number of ventilation holes has been doubled to ensure proper airflow throughout the entire box, maintaining the freshness akin to buying from the garden. We have also introduced fruit pick-up and delivery services, offering "Plastic baskets with lids" for convenient transportation, capable of supporting up to 30 kilograms whether delivered as a fruit box or in a plastic basket. These enhancements reflect our commitment to innovation and meeting the specific needs of both E-commerce and Non-E-commerce customers, with a guarantee of consumer satisfaction. This further strengthens our position as a leading parcel delivery company, committed to delivering products swiftly and with the utmost quality.

Mr. Warawut also stated that "in 2024, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives estimates the amount of Thai fruit production to be approximately 6.97 million tons, representing 3% increase from 2023. Kerry Express has initiated a project to assist fruit orchard owners by providing transport knowledge. This initiative aims to facilitate the direct delivery of fresh fruit to customers, reduce middleman issues, promote the consumption of local fruits, and strengthen the ecosystem from the orchard to the customer. The goal is to support local farmers' economic well-being and bolster the Thai agricultural sector."

Ready to deliver freshness from the garden to customers today. At all Kerry Express Parcel Shop branches throughout Thailand. Follow more information at

*According to the company's terms and conditions.


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