Pan Food join forces with Marel Group, plans to boost sales to Bt5 billion in 5 years

Economy News Thursday May 23, 2024 14:36 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Pan Food join forces with Marel Group, plans to boost sales to Bt5 billion in 5 years

Pan Food gears up to welcome the economic recovery by continuing investments to strengthen its production line, most recently joining hands with "Marel", a world-class food industry company. The company plans to push sales past the Bt5-billion mark in five years, which will support the Thai food service wholesale market that is worth more than Bt2.5 trillion annually.

Thanawit Hongkoo, Executive Director of Pan Food Company Limited, revealed that the company has redirected its efforts to penetrate the global market over the next five years. Pan Food has made investments to increase production efficiency, and is ready to expand branches and distribution centers to cover more areas of the country.

With an initial budget of more than Bt500 million, it is expected that the company's turnover will reach Bt5 billion within the next five years. At the same time, it will result in a higher proportion of the company's export market to 10-15 per cent, up from the current four to five per cent of revenue.

"The Covid period has been an opportunity for us to gradually start making investment plans and readjust the organization system to be stronger and more efficient, in order to reach a bigger and clearer goal," he said.

"First is the production partnership with Marel Group. In addition to purchasing machinery from Marel, we have also received modern production technology to better meet the needs of Thai and foreign customers," Mr. Thanawit added.

Pan Food provides many types of fish filleting, including bone pullers. "For example, we to fillet the salmon to deliver to the customer's order, both half body and cut into pieces sashimi style."

Mr. Thanawit also talked about supporting distribution channels around the country. "The company has increased the number of branch offices which will also be more integrated. They will also Supports the expansion of the warehouse into a logistics distribution center, including storefront shops such as in Phuket, Pattaya, Surat Thani, and Udon Thani, which already exist. and will invest more in Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen in the near future. with an additional investment of approximately 100 million baht

Mr. Julien Vidus, Regional Sales Director of Marel Group, said the wholesale food service industry in Thailand is a market that has gained global attention with a value greater than Bt2.5 trillion.

"Marel is a world-leading provider of modern food processing equipment and complete systems for the fish, meat and poultry industry, and it is accepted at the top level of the world food industry," Vidus said. "The company's alliance with Pan Food is expected to help promote the Thai food import and processing business and Pan Food to stand out even more," he added.

Supporting Panfood's expansion

"Marel is partnering with Panfood to assist them in scaling up their operation by transitioning from manual to automated processing," explains Julien Vidus, Marel's Regional Director of Sales in Fish for Asia and Oceania. "Through collaboration with Panfood in Thailand, Marel aims to establish Panfood as one of the largest processors of salmon in Southeast Asia."

Opportunities in the Thai and wider Asian market

The opportunities for seafood processing in Thailand are significant. It is a top market for high-quality seafood, especially Norwegian salmon and trout, and is among the top four salmon importers in Asia and the largest importer of Norwegian trout salmon. From January to October 2022, the volume of Norwegian salmon exported to Thailand increased by 6%, reaching 16,100 tons, with a 55% increase in export value. Vietnam is also a growing seafood market in Southeast Asia, while Japan and China remain major markets in the region.

Marel Group has offices and subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and a global network of agents and distributors.

Pan Food started as a trading business in the food service group. Currently, it is considered one of the top three leading companies in this business group. There is a variety of customer groups including restaurants, traders, industrial factories, hotels as well as Thai Airways. The main income comes from importing and selling 40% of seafood, especially salmon. The remaining proportion comes from the importation of meats, butter, cheese, potatoes as well as mixed vegetables for food processing businesses. Currently, Pan Foord has five factories to support the entire system. For example, the company's raw material processing factories produces pork tonkatsu that is supplied to Japanese restaurant chain.

For more information, follow additional news and activities of Pan Foord at or at the Pan Foord Thailand Facebook page ( ) or call 02-026-3535 (head office).

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