"A money" Ready to launch PET bottle caps and bottles donation boxes through 7 branches

Economy News Tuesday June 18, 2024 16:46 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

AIRA & AIFUL Public Company Limited, the provider of the "A money" cash card under the concept of "A money, your financial buddy" continues to receive the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles for the 4th year to be recycled into polyester fibers and produce them into t-shirts and pass on to children through the "A money x Teijin, buddy invites you to pass on PET bottles to change into t-shirts for the 4th year to children" project in collaboration with Teijin Polyester Company Limited.

Moreover, this year the company is ready to start HDPE bottle caps donation for the first year to create awareness about separating plastic types before going into the bin. All bottle caps will be delivered to Precious Plastic Bangkok to be produced as upcycled products from plastic bottle caps through "A money x PPB buddy joins in upcycling bottle caps to be valuable" project.

Those interested can donate the PET caps and bottles at A money donation boxes 7 branches, including Central Rama 2, Central Westgate, Big C Suksawat, Century The Movie Plaza, Lotus Mahachai, Seacon Square and A&A Head Office at CW Tower from today onwards. For more informati please contact A money customer service center, Tel. 0-2004-5000 or Facebook: AmoneyThailand

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