WHA Group and Subsidiaries Earn Recognition in Thailand's ESG100 Ranking

Economy News Tuesday July 9, 2024 12:47 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

WHA Group and Subsidiaries Earn Recognition in Thailand's ESG100 Ranking

WHA Corporation Public Company Limited (WHA) and its subsidiaries, WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP), WHART Real Estate Investment Trust (WHART), and WHA Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (WHAIR), are proud to announce their inclusion in the Thailand Institute of Development's (TID)/ or Thaipat Institute prestigious 2024 ESG100 ranking. This recognition places them among the top 100 publicly traded companies in Thailand demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Reflecting on their mission: WHA: WE SHAPE THE FUTURE.

The ESG100 ranking, compiled by Thaipat Institute's ESG Rating unit since 2015, selects companies based on publicly disclosed ESG performance data. This year, WHA, WHART, and WHAIR successfully retained their spots on the list, highlighting their continued commitment to sustainability. Notably, WHAUP secured a place for the first time, solidifying the group's dedication to responsible business practices across all its segments. These entities were chosen from 920 companies, funds, and investment trusts based on their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance data publicly disclosed. The ESG100 ranking highlights companies with outstanding sustainability practices, serving as a valuable resource for investors aiming for long-term returns.

Ms. Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Group Chief Executive Officer of WHA Corporation Public Company Limited, revealed that WHA, WHART, and WHAIR have been continuously selected for inclusion in the ESG100 list for 2024. Meanwhile, WHAUP has been included in the ESG100 list for the first time. This achievement underscores our long-term commitment to sustainable development in all aspects, aligning with our business development mission under WHA: WE SHAPE THE FUTURE. We have strategically planned and conducted our business operations sustainably within the ESG framework, covering environmental, social, economic, and corporate governance aspects. Additionally, we prioritize accurate and comprehensive disclosure of information to build confidence in our organization, demonstrating our capability in efficient business management, transparency, competitiveness, and long-term return generation.

This year, WHAUP has been named one of the 19 securities in the "ESG Emerging List" for 2024 and has been included in the ESG100 list for the first time. This recognition reflects our strategic approach to driving investment in utilities and energy businesses that achieve sustainable returns. We aim to manage and sell a total of 178 million cubic meters of water and target increasing power purchase agreements to a total of 1,000 megawatts by the end of this year. Additionally, we are committed to seeking investment opportunities in various utilities and energy businesses both domestically and internationally to ensure sustainable growth and strengthen our business both within and beyond WHA Group's industrial estates.

Meanwhile, the WHART trust has been selected for inclusion in the ESG100 list for the sixth consecutive year in 2024. Currently, WHART has a total asset value of approximately 55 billion THB, with its primary assets consisting of warehouse distribution centers and factory buildings, managing over 1.90 million square meters of rental space. This makes it the largest industrial trust in Thailand.

The WHAIR trust has shown remarkable growth, recently preparing for its fifth additional investment worth up to 1.118 billion THB. This will increase the total asset value of the trust to over 14 billion THB and expand the managed rental space to 468,990 square meters.

"WHA Group has long aimed for and pursued sustainable development since the inception of our business. We have initiated programs to help people from all sectors of society advance, creating opportunities for access to essential factors and a better quality of life to grow sustainably together. We drive our business with the potential derived from creating a comprehensive and robust business ecosystem, encompassing four key business groups: logistics, industrial estates, utilities and power, and digital. Our goal is to become 'The Ultimate Solution for Sustainable Growth."

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