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Bangkok--31 May--Serm Suk
Pepsi celebrates the golden year of football and once again brings its ‘Dare for More’ concept to a higher level by creating the remarkable taste called “Pepsi Gold”. This innovative gold-coloured cola that comes in the newest “grip bottle package” aims to ignite the excitement of consumers during the great time of watching their favorite football players in action in 2006. Pepsi also creates another phenomenon in the cola market by having “Thierry Henry”, one of the world’s greatest footballers, as Pepsi Gold’s presenter, together with one of the world’s greatest supermodels “Claudia Schiffer”.
Mr. Charlie Jitcharoongphorn, Marketing Director of Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd., said, “Pepsi always offers exciting innovations and fun marketing activities to continue our global strategy on sports marketing. As 2006 is the golden year for all football fans, we want to further boost the excitement of consumers during their incredible time of watching 11 of the world’s greatest footballers that are all their favorite players on the ground with our latest innovation called “Pepsi Gold”. This innovation offers the remarkable taste in gold-coloured cola. We believe that consumers who dare to try new things will enjoy our Pepsi Gold throughout the year.”
“In addition, Pepsi Gold will create a phenomenon never been done before by bringing together one of the world’s greatest football players, “Thierry Henry”, and one of the world’s greatest supermodels, “Claudia Schiffer”, as its presenters. Thierry Henry is a legendary football player that everyone loves while Claudia Schiffer is the most favorite supermodel of all time. We believe that they will best communicate our new and remarkable image of victory,” added Mr.Charlie
Mr. Dhitivute Bulsook, Marketing Director of Serm Suk Public Company Limited, said, “To celebrate the moment of victory during the great football match throughout the year, Pepsi Gold will create a new trend for consumers — that is cheering their favorite players while enjoying the remarkable taste through Pepsi Gold. When we tested this product, 71% of those who tasted it were very much satisfied with the taste and said they would definitely buy it again once it is out in the market. We, therefore, believe that Pepsi Gold will add more spirit and excitement to all football fans and the entire cola market, just like our previous thrilling flavors — Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Fire, Pepsi Ice and Pepsi Latte.”
“In addition to the launch of Pepsi Gold, full-scale advertising campaigns will be strongly supported by a series of media activities including the new TVC featuring Thierry Henry and Claudia Schiffer, along with product samplings for consumers to make them aware of the new product and invite them to try our latest innovation in taste. And to reach a wider group of target consumers that includes both teenagers and young adults in this football season, Pepsi Gold was made available in cans and in bottles. Especially, we have launched the latest designed bottle package called “grip bottle” that is definitely convenient and trendy for all our target consumers.” added Mr.Thitivute
“Pepsi Gold”, the latest remarkable taste for the golden year of football by Pepsi, is now available at leading department stores both in 325ml can, 500ml grip bottle & 1.25L regular bottles.
For more information please contact
Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Ltd./Serm Suk Plc.
For Further information: Kanokwan Tungwancharoen
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