Bertram Chemical reports total sales of 330 million baht in 2007

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Bangkok--30 Jan--Siam PR. Consultant

Company predicts sales to improve by 20% in 2008 through strong marketing activities

Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd. reports 12% growth in sales in 2007 to 330 million baht. The company is confident the market for balm remains strong as growth projection this year is determined at 20%. The positive growth projection is however backed by a marketing budget worth 60 million baht, which will also include a production of a TV commercial to endorse the image of Siang Pure products and Road Show Commandos to introduce Peppermint Field products and reach out to target consumers.

Mrs. Suwanna Akrapongpisak, Marketing Director of Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of Siang Pure Oil and Siang Pure Balm and Peppermint Field products, disclosed details of Thailand’s balm market, saying it had the total value of around 1 billion baht, of which products were divided into balm and oil and others. “Siang Pure Oil is the market leader in the oil category, as a result of the long-time market trust in quality. Thai consumers are using balm and oil in their daily life. They have very high brand loyalty because consumers choose their products according to their preferred scent,” she said.

“Thailand’s balm market continues to grow as a result of increased competition and introduction of new products. As for Siang Pure, the line of products has increased from Siang Pure Oil to balm, inhaler and inhaler oil, including inhaler and balm products under the brand name of Peppermint Field to attract new group of consumers,” she said. “In 2007, the company recorded total sales of 330 million baht, up 12% over that of the previous year. The sales came from domestic sales and exports at the ratio of 50:50. At present, we export our products to countries within Asia and Southeast Asia namely China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, mainly through local distribution channels. We are planning to successfully secure markets in the United States and Europe this year with hopes of increasing the sales performance by as much as 20% as the country is starting to gain economic and political stability,” she added.

As for the marketing plan, Bertram Chemical has earmarked a budget worth 60 million baht to fuel above-the-line activities such as a television commercial to promote Siang Pure Oil and bolster its awareness, and below-the-line programs for Peppermint Filed products, which currently target A+ consumers. Peppermint Field products, in the market for around 2 years, are made to have beautiful design and nice scent to gain a respectable level of market acceptance. “The company is set to focus on reaching out to target consumers through road show activities - visiting office buildings and various community centers in Bangkok and the provinces throughout the year. Product sampling will also be used to allow consumers better product familiarity,” she explained.

“In addition, Bertram Chemical will concentrate on expanding the sales channels in order to effectively attract the target customers. The expansion will help increase product accessibility from pharmacists and modern trade to other channels such as 7-Eleven, Amway outlets or co-promotion with partners such as Fuji Restaurant,” she added.

“Siang Pure and Peppermint Field products are the pride of Bertram Chemical (1982), which has been certified with the GMP standards recognized by both local and international consumers. The products have created reputation for the country, while attracting foreign capital inflow,” she concluded.

About Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd.

Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of Siang Pure Oil, Siang Pure Balm and products under the brand name of Peppermint Field such as Peppermint Gel, Peppermint Stick and camphor & cloves. The products are available in Thailand and other countries namely Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, the United States, England and Germany etc. The company’s manufacturing process has been certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and implemented by Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for quality and safety. The company also received the Halal seal of quality to ensure that each process of production, service and distribution complies with the Islamic Codes.

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