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Bangkok--Jul 27--Asatsu (Thailand)
Enjoy Internet shopping and even videophone calls World's first
Has a separate GUI for easy surfing of the Internet
Watching TV, e-mailing, information on cooking/recipes available
First to apply moving image communication technology used in multimedia products to refrigerator
LG Electronics is introducing the world's first cutting-edge digital refrigerator "Internet Digital DIOS Refrigerator" (R-S73CT: 730 liter grade) that can be used for Internet surfing and even for making videophone calls.
In step with the move toward tighter integration of white and information consumer electronics products to create a Home Network, the "Internet Digital DIOS Refrigerator" was developed as a digital white appliance product where moving image communication technology, which up to now was available with multimedia products, has been used for the first time to home appliance product.
LGE invested a total of 55 researchers and 15 billion won for three years in product development efforts. In the process, it has submitted a total of 75 patents in and out of Korea and was able to realize a total of nine cutting-edge digital functions related to the Internet and videophone.
The development of a new refrigerator is significant in that LGE has succeeded in transforming the refrigerator from a mere electronic appliance used in storing food to a tool for family entertainment and communications - as a new type of white appliance suitable for the Digital Age.
LGE's "Internet Digital DIOS Refrigerator" has a high quality 15.1 TFT-LCD and its own LAN port to allow not only Internet shopping, but also two-way video communication for a videophone calls with your family or friends. Moreover, using a camera attached on top of the LCD, you can exchange video messages or take a photograph with your family members. The message or picture can be replayed. Watching TV or e-mailing is now also possible using this new refrigerator.
Through a link with an Internet company, the refrigerator also offers real-time price information on grocery products and stocks available on the Internet. In particular, for beginning Internet users, it has a separate GUI (Graphic User Interface) that is more user-friendly that web browsers to make surfing on the Internet easier.
In addition, the refrigerator has easy to use touch screens, music box, letter memo using an electronic pen as well as voice messaging. It also has a schedule management function where you can store important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays.
LGE's Internet refrigerator also offers a wide range of information through its LCD information window - everything from the refrigerator's temperature to tips on food, nutrition and recipes including expiration dates, nutrition information and cooking methods of the products stored inside.
Filter status is also monitored to automatically inform the timing for filter change so that the inside of the refrigerator can be always kept fresh and clean. The location of the filter is also moved to the inside the refrigerator so that changing the filter no longer entails the inconvenience of having to move the whole refrigerator.
On top of these many unique features and thanks to the industry's first application of the inverter function to the two-door refrigerator, it has the lowest noise level (23dB) and the world's lowest power consumption (53kWh), which is about half of that of global competitors (100 to 110KWh).
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