Honda LPGA Thailand 2020 National Qualifiers January 20-22, 2020, Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course

Sports News Monday December 9, 2019 17:12 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--9 Dec--Vivaldi Public Relations All professional, amateur and aspiring female golfers in Thailand are invited to compete at the qualifying round of the Honda LPGA Thailand 2020 National Qualifiers, which will be held from January 20-22, 2019 at Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course. The winner will be entitled to join the Kingdom's world-class golfing tournament - the Honda LPGA Thailand 2020. Registration is open from 11 December 2019 -11 January 2020. Amateur golfers are required to have a Handicap USGA 2.0 or less as of 1 December 2019. Applicants may download the entry form at NATIONAL QUALIFIERS. The National Qualifier round is an ideal opportunity for Thai women golfers to pursue their dreams and an opportunity to play and compete among the 70 top world golfers at the prestigious Honda LPGA Thailand 2020 from February 20-23, 2020, with a prize purse of $1.6 million. Sanctioned by the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and held annually since 2006 at the world-class destination of Pattaya, Thailand, the 2020 tournament continues to promote the aspirational vision of 'Dream Big', a concept that aims to inspire interest in golf and build passion among professionals, enthusiasts and junior players from all backgrounds and at all levels. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook at

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