Great Wall Motor Highlights Door-to-Door Delivery Service With New Seamless O2O Experience for Customers, Offering All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV Exclusive Delivery Option

Motors News Friday August 6, 2021 17:35 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Great Wall Motor Highlights Door-to-Door Delivery Service With New Seamless O2O Experience for Customers, Offering All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV Exclusive Delivery Option

Great Wall Motor (GWM) takes its "New User Experience" strategy further for Thai customers with its Door-to-Door Delivery Service. Customers may request for this service at their fingertips and choose options or design their own premium car-delivery themes. GWM promises to ensure this exclusive service is secured, valued for money, and delivers superior delivering experience during its pursuit of becoming Thais' top-of-mind brand.

After GWM delivered the first batch of All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV to the first group of Thai customers at House No. 1 in Bangkok on July 1, 2021, it has delivered many other vehicles to customers across Thailand with optional services. Via GWM Application, customers have the choices of picking up their cars from any of the current seven GWM Partner Stores or of requesting Door-to-Door Delivery Service. Not only does GWM deliver its cars to customers' doorsteps for their greater convenience, but it is also able to fulfill customers' wishes with extra service allowing them to design their own premium car-delivery theme to respond to their special needs.

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director, Great Wall Motor Thailand, said, "We have accorded importance to creating new user experience in line with our brand concepts of 'New Energy', 'New Intelligence', and 'New Experience' because we put customers at the heart of our business. Our Door-to-Door Delivery Service is designed to assure customers of smooth Online-to-Offline (O2O) experience through process that is not only simple, special, and secured but also saves customers' money. Such exclusive experience starts from GWM Application to the time the car is delivered to customers' doorsteps. Better still, customers also have a choice of designing the theme of their car delivery for special moments that will fully respond to their needs and maximize their satisfaction."

Door-to-Door Delivery Service is available for customers who want their car delivered to the place of their choice. It is very easy to get this service because customers only need to activate GWM Application, specify a destination, the date and the time of their convenience. Door-to-Door Delivery Service has two options:

  1. Normal Service: A well-equipped car hauler will transport a car to the destination specified by a customer. Intelligent Ambassador or iAM will also show up at the spot at the same time to deliver a bouquet of flowers and help with car inspection and usage instruction, and answer to any query the customer may have. Such service ensures the car is delivered smoothly and securely for maximum customer satisfaction.
  2. Premium Service: Customers may choose to make their car delivery special by choosing to decorate car hauler and arrange the car delivery in a specific theme. The car can also be delivered on special occasions and as gifts to someone special. iAM and GWM team are on hand to assist customers in every step to ensure the special delivery runs smoothly. Such exclusive experience is catered to create a beautiful moment and impression for our special customers' important occasion.

Both options for Door-to-Door Delivery Service are available at additional prices where the premium service fee is higher than the normal service fee and charged based on the service details per customers' needs. When customers opt for Door-to-Door Delivery Service, GWM will pick up the cars from the nearest Partner Stores to customers' homes or designated locations to ensure the most effectiveness and highest customers' convenience on this service.

Most Recently, GWM has arranged the Premium Service of Door-to-Door Delivery Service by transporting a car to RAFFINE CAFE RESTAURANT & THE SHE'S HOUSE in Chonburi province with a touch of exclusivity. The customer has prepared the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV to deliver as a surprised gift for the sweetheart on their wedding anniversary. The car inspection was strictly done to ensure its perfect conditions. The car and every step of the transportation process were also thoroughly and hygienically cleaned to fully complied with COVID-19 control measures. The car hauler was also decorated as a big box of gift and filled with more than 400 balloons, together with the celebrations of a wedding-anniversary cake, and a bouquet of flowers from GWM. This exclusive premium Door-to-Door Delivery Service created a warm and impressive moment that answered well to the customer's desires.

Privileged customers from ULTRA DEAL campaign namely customers who reserved All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV ahead of the official announcement of its price and customers from PREMIERE DEAL campaign, which runs from the announcement date till August 31, 2021, will get the normal type of Door-to-Door Delivery Service free-of-charge with the cars' tank full.

As a "Global Mobility Technology Company", GWM is committed to its consumer-centric strategy and always seeks to deliver the products and services that simple, special, secured, and save for customers' money to ensure the most excellent products and services that meet with Thai's consumers' satisfaction.

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