Bridgestone Launches "Choose Bridgestone, Don't WORRY go CRAZY" Campaign Lead Your Own Lifestyle with Trusted Tires

Motors News Wednesday August 3, 2022 15:50 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bridgestone Launches

Bridgestone launches "Choose Bridgestone, Don't WORRY go CRAZY", the latest marketing communications campaign. Bridgestone produces 3 video clips for online channels highlighting the journey of car users who choose 3 models from the Bridgestone lineup of quality tires to satisfy all their needs. The models featured are POTENZA Adrenalin RE004, TURANZA T005A and ECOPIA H/L001. The campaign coveys that consumers search for everything, including tires that help them make decisions, and many sources can lead them to be confused. Consumers will ensure all their needs by choosing Bridgestone, the quality tire brand. Furthermore, they will be inspired by the information, no more search to worry about, go crazy living. Especially for the campaign, all video clips come with special promotions for the customers.

Mr. Haruki Yamada, Consumer Group Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, "Customers presently search for information about everything online and offline before making purchasing decisions. Some information from multiple sources can lead them to be confused.

The same applies to changing tires and most consumers decide at the tire shop which brand and model suit them the best. Bridgestone launches "Choose Bridgestone, Don't WORRY go CRAZY", the latest marketing communications campaign. By choosing Bridgestone, we have 3 tire models to meet your needs regardless of your lifestyle. No more search to worry about, go crazy living because you choose Bridgestone as a tire expert on your journey."

The video clips also inspire customers to enjoy their lives with the key features of our 3 quality tire models through:

  • POTENZA Adrenalin RE004, the tire for sporty drivers offers the thrill of driving. With precise handling and steering control to take any corner with agility. It grips excellently on dry and wet roads, so you can depend on it every journey. #DontWorryGoCrazy #POTENZAAdrenalinRE004 for sporty drivers?
  • TURANZA T005A, the tire delivers greater comfort, superior quietness, and excellent handling on dry and wet roads enabling you to enjoy your journey. This is the choice for several leading car brands choosing the tire as original equipment. #DontWorryGoCrazy #TURANZAT005A for premium drivers?
  • ECOPIA H/L0001, the tire offers comfort and confident handling. It is specially designed for fuel efficiency and safety, with superior wet grip and long wear life. #DontWorryGoCrazy #ECOPIAHL001 for eco drivers?

All the video clips through the "Choose Bridgestone, Don't WORRY go CRAZY" campaign will be available on from July 27, 2022 onwards, viewers can find out the first video clip on Bridgestone ensures the campaign will inspire the customers. Moreover, special promotions for Bridgestone customers will be available for each video clip. Please stay tuned.

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