Mazda occupies 3rd place in the passenger car market, prepares to launch new models throughout the year and aims to take best care of customers

Motors News Wednesday January 11, 2023 16:39 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Mazda occupies 3rd place in the passenger car market, prepares to launch new models throughout the year and aims to take best care of customers

Mazda announces that it achieved business performance in 2022 as expected with cumulative sales almost 32,000 units despite experiencing internal and external factors affecting the strength of the organization and dealer. Particularly, the Mazda2 was able to maintain its popularity and it was ranked as the third position in the B-car including eco-car market, resulting the cumulative sales of Mazda passenger car achieved the third position of the automotive market permanently. The four crossover SUV models of the CX-Series also created a sales record and it was ranked as the forth position in the SUV market with more than 12,000 unit sold. For this year, Mazda plans to launch new models to the market throughout the year, especially aims to take care of customers and enhance customer satisfaction through "Retention Business Model" to deliver excellent long-term customers experience, and sets sales target at 35,000 units or increase by 10%.

Thai economy in 2022 was recovered from the previous 2 years due to the recovery of private consumption and the positive factors from the increase of consumer confidence resulting from government policies. Especially, from the reopening of the country that helped restoring the money back to economic system and pushed business to move forward, which was the same direction as the Thai automotive business. The demand for car has returned and we have received supporting factors from the entering of new automotive brands; the Chinese brands, as well as promotional campaign from various brands. As a result, the Thai automotive market in 2022 grew approximately 12% from previous year and had cumulative sales about 850,000 units (estimated number), which was the same number as expected at the beginning of the year.

Mr. Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, "Today Mazda announces that Mazda is moving forward with its Mid-Term Plan to increase Mazda brand value in Thailand through "Retention Business Model" by focusing on Brand Value Management and Customer Retention Business to deliver customer's best experience with aftersales-service under the concept "All for Customer". The purpose is to adjust Mazda business for growth and sustainability. This is an important policy that Mazda will adhere to as a guideline to formulate as a strategy from today and will never change even if times or executives change. This policy will remain and will never change."

For Mazda, although we had been in the midst of fierce competition and the shortage of semi-conductor since the beginning of the year, we were almost able to achieve the sales target. Most importantly, the passenger car Mazda2 was able to remain its popularity and created sales record as the third position of the B-Car including Eco Car market with cumulative sales at 16,249 units and supported Mazda to achieve the third position in the passenger car market for over a half decade with the 17,810 units sold. Moreover, the Mazda CX-Series was able to generate substantial sales of 12,322 units. Therefore, in the 2022, Mazda had cumulative sales at 31,638 units and remained its popularity with the sixth position of the Thai automotive market.

"At present, Mazda has 8 car models available in Thailand. The best-selling passenger car is Mazda2 while the Mazda CX-30 is the most popular crossover SUV. When considering cumulative sales of each model in 2022, it can be divided into 16,249 units of Mazda2, 1,553 units of Mazda3 and 8 units of the sport roadster Mazda MX-5. In the meantime, the crossover SUV Mazda CX-30 contributed 6,092 units, followed by 4,249 units of Mazda CX-3, 1,157 units of Mazda CX-8 and 824 units of Mazda CX-5 while the Mazda BT-50 contributed another 1,506 units. The cumulative sales of Mazda represents Mazda's success. We would like to show our appreciation to customers for choosing Mazda to be your trusted vehicle in every journey." Mr. Tadashi Miura added.

Moreover, Mr. Tadashi Miura also revealed his vision toward the 2023 economic outlook, "It is expected that the economy will grow constantly but will not be remarkable because there are positive and negative factors that needed to keep an eye on. For example, price problem and energy shortage in Europe, the prolongation of the war between Russia and Ukraine, monetary policy, cost increased from inflation, the COVID-19 situation in China and the risk of an economic recession. However, in Thailand, there are still supporting factors especially from tourism and consumption of private sector which are the important factors supporting and stimulating the economy. Since the middle of last year, it can be seen that tourism sector has recovered from the increasing number of tourists and it was expected that we would receive more support from Chinese tourists because China has lifted the COVID-19 measure. It is believed that these factors will help alleviate the impact of global economic volatility and economic slowdown in Thailand."

Mr. Tadashi Miura also showed his vision towards the direction of the 2023 Thai automotive industry, "It is forecasted that the sales volume of the automotive market will be equivalent to last year. Although there are many more supporting factor stimulating the economy than previous year, e.g., tourism, the growing of agricultural sector, recovering of public consumption and the shortage of semi-conductor began to resolve. We have to keep an eye on the conflict between the USA and China, the conflict and energy crisis in Europe, increase in price and logistic that inevitably affects Thailand's import and export. In addition, the rising of cost of living is another factor that slows down consumer's purchasing power and it is believed that the competition of the automotive market will be more intense because there are new brands introduced to the Thai market. Nevertheless, it is expected that the sales volume of automotive market will be equivalent to last year or about 850,000 - 870,000 units while Mazda is confident that the our sales performance will grow about 10% or has approximately 35,000 units."

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, "For the 2023 strategy, Mazda is committed to move forward with the Mid-Term Plan through Retention Business Model that focuses on enhancing brand value (Brand Value Management) by improving customer experience at all touchpoints. The aim of the strategy is to create customer satisfaction throughout the ownership period of Mazda vehicle and create sustainable growth of Mazda brand in Thailand. The strategy of Mazda is as follows,

Marketing strategy: Strengthen Mazda brand value by using effective marketing tools. Importantly, utilizing digital platform to communicate with customers and Mazda Fan through One-to-One Communication, utilizing centralized customer database and consolidating it into Global One Customer Data Management while creating customer experience and satisfaction at all touchpoints at the same time.

Sales Strategy: Establish standardize sales policy to avoid price competition and create highest customer satisfaction along with increasing the number of customers who love the brand. In addition, we aim to encourage customers' re-purchase with Mazda CPO to offer more choices for customers who are looking for quality used cars that have been certified by Mazda as well as creating sustainability for the Mazda brand in Thailand.

Product Strategy: Adopt the Human-Centricity Philosophy to improve Mazda's unique products in order to deliver joyful and fun driving experience to customers through the ownership of car along with the determination to develop products that meet the needs of daily use and meet the changing consumer behavior. Mazda plans to improve the products and launch them to the market in every quarter of 2023. At the same time, Mazda is committed to follow its mission towards sustainability by 2030 or the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 by establishing the foundation to offer an environmentally friendly energy form under the right circumstance and time to endeavor for carbon neutrality by 2050.

After-sales service and dealer network strategy: Collaborate with dealers across the country to enhance customer experience in terms of sales and after-sales service through "All for Customers" concept to maximize customer satisfaction and creating long-term relationship with after-sales service program that helps reduce the burden of expenses. In addition, we aim to enhance relationships and work together with dealers that is in line with One Mazda approach toward sustainability.

"All mentioned above is Mazda's 2022 business performance and 2023 business plan. We are committed to deliver happiness to customers, partners and all parties to drive Mazda brand to grow sustainably with automotive technology that offers comfort and environmental friendliness, which is in line with the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 to bring about a beautiful earth and to enrich people's lives as well as society." Mr. Thee added.

Mazda's cumulative sales in 2022 VS 2021

ModelJan - Dec 2022Jan - Dec 2021% Change
Mazda216,24917,814- 8.78
Mazda31,5531,982- 21.64
Mazda CX-34,2494,743- 10.41
Mazda CX-306,0927,497- 18.74
Mazda CX-5824930- 11.39
Mazda CX-81,1571,051+ 10.08
Mazda BT-501,5061,363+ 10.49
Mazda MX-584+ 100.00
Total31,63835,384- 10.59

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