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Limited-edition anniversary models and new 2023 model line on display

In celebration of the 120th anniversary of the brand, Harley-Davidson(R) will unveil limited-edition anniversary models along with the all-new 2023 model year line-up at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) held at IMPACT at booth M3, from March 22 - April 2, 2023.

Commemorating 120 years of legacy and craftsmanship of Harley-Davidson, the anniversary models in Heirloom Red - Fat Boy(R) 114 Anniversary, Heritage Classic Anniversary, Road Glide(R) Special Anniversary and CVO(R) Road Glide Anniversary took the spotlight at the Harley-Davidson booth. Aside from the anniversary models, exciting 2023 motorcycle models including Breakout(R) performance cruiser model, and the new Nightster(TM) Special middleweight sport motorcycle will be on display. Carryover models such as Nightster(TM), Sportster(R) S, Low Rider ST, and Pan America Special(TM) were displayed at the booth as well. Harley-Davidson Model Year 2023 offerings can be purchased starting from THB 658,000.

Limited Anniversary Models with Heirloom Red Paint

The very limited-edition, super-premium CVO(TM) Road Glide(R) Limited Anniversary model celebrates 120 years of craftsmanship with one of the most intricate paint schemes ever offered by Harley-Davidson. Panels of Heirloom Red are applied over a base coat of Anniversary Black, each outlined with a bright red pinstripe and a hand-applied gold paint scallop. As a finishing touch, the head and wings of a soaring eagle are portrayed within the panels.

Showcasing the masterful aesthetics and a homage to their classics, a Special 120th Anniversary paint will be available in different schemes and offered on additional limited production of Harley-Davidson models, with color and design combinations inspired by early Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Gleaming Heirloom Red as the base color, these models feature a classic panelled paint scheme. Panels are outlined with a bright-red pinstripe and filled with a darker Midnight Crimson fade. Additional details include an Art Deco eagle tank medallion, seat covers with red side panels and gold embroidered Harley-Davidson logo, and red fade powertrain inserts.

Breakout is Back

Returning to the North America model line, the Breakout(R) model takes on a new and refreshed look with more muscle and flashes a bright new style on its distinct long-and-lean chopper profile. Flexing the muscle is the Milwaukee-Eight(R) 117 V-Twin engine, the pinnacle of torque and displacement in a factory-installed, regular-production Harley-Davidson(R) powertrain, which gives the Breakout rider instant bragging rights on the street.

A Harley-Davidson(R) Softail(R) chassis maintains classic hard tail lines without sacrificing thoroughly modern ride and handling performance. Exuding the brand's spirit of adventure, the Breakout model is designed to rule the street with style and power.

Exhilarating New Nightster(R) Special Model

With an array of style, convenience, and technology upgrades in one package, the new middle-weight player amplifies the Nightster motorcycle riding experience. The Revolution(R) Max 975T liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, tuned to make tremendous torque at low RPM brings even more exhilarating performance than before. To minimize overall motorcycle weight the engine is integrated into the vehicle as the central member of the chassis.

More Cruise Control and Traction Control

Electronic cruise control will be a standard feature for the Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Breakout(R), and Low Rider(R) S models, and remains standard on Low Rider(R) ST, Heritage Classic, and Sport Glide models.

Traction Control System will be offered as a new option for the Breakout, Low Rider S, and Low Rider ST models. Traction control is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessively spinning under acceleration. The traction control can be turned off using a button on the hand control.

The exhibition runs from March 22 - April 2, 2023, at IMPACT Exhibition Centre. Harley-Davidson occupies booth number M3.

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