EVme Paves the Way for Eco-Friendly Public Transportation with 100 AION ES EVs

Motors News Wednesday February 28, 2024 17:12 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

EVme Paves the Way for Eco-Friendly Public Transportation with 100 AION ES EVs

EVme Plus Co., Ltd, Thailand's largest EV total solution platform has successfully delivered the first 100 AION ES to Thai market. The model is designed to penetrate the public transportation sector, as part of the company's ongoing plan to penetrate alternative energy vehicles in the market and grow the EV sector in Thailand sustainably. With a goal of delivering 3,000 AION ES to the Thai market within this year, this latest success marks
a significant milestone in the country's transition towards a greener future.

Mr. Suvicha Sudchai, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of EVme Plus Co., Ltd., said, "Since the end of 2023, we have unveiled our plan to introduce AION ES as a new option for electric vehicles that caters to the needs of taxi drivers in Thailand's urban areas, in partnership with EVme and other collaborators. Our goal is to transform Thailand's public transportation system continuously by increasing the number of sustainable electric cars on the road and building charging stations and service centers to ensure user confidence. We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully delivered 100 units of AION ES, and our target is to deliver 3,000 units this year, with an estimated 400 units in the first quarter."

Currently, an average of 6,000 taxis in Bangkok and major cities throughout Thailand are released from their operating licenses each year when they reach the end of their legal term. EVme Plus aims to deliver up to 3,000 AION ES vehicles this year, which could significantly reduce environmental pollution by up to 50% compared to traditional gasoline-powered taxis. According to EVme Plus's research, the average taxi emits approximately six tons of gas per year, resulting in over 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the 85,000 registered taxis in the country. Therefore, in line with the government's Net Zero policy, EVme Plus has introduced the AION ES to the Thai market, offering high-quality electric vehicles at an affordable price to encourage the use of sustainable transportation.

"We have recognized the specific need for transportation vehicles that are efficient and cost-effective, and in this regard, we believe that AION ES is the perfect fit for our electric taxi fleet," said Mr. Hong Yong Jia, Executive Chairman of Gold Integrated Co., Ltd. "The AION ES meets the demands of taxi drivers with its low energy consumption, allowing for significant savings on energy costs. Additionally, it has a maximum range of 442 kilometers per single charge, providing convenience for passengers with its spacious interior. As the primary distributor of AION ES, EV Me Plus is proud to be part of the sustainable development of the electric vehicle industry."

The AION ES electric taxi comes equipped with a Smart Taxi system, including a meter, GPS, and taxi sign. With its spacious interior, both drivers and passengers can enjoy unparalleled comfort. The AION ES boasts an average energy consumption rate of only 0.9 baht per kilometer, making it more cost-effective than NGV or LPG-powered taxis. Post-sale convenience is also ensured, as EVme Plus has partnered with taxi service centers in Bangkok, surrounding provinces, and local areas to provide maintenance services for this model. Additionally, the FIT Auto service center under PTT Group is available nationwide. The AION ES can be charged at any charging station throughout the country, and Gold Integrated Co., Ltd. plans to open more "Charge Hub" stations to increase coverage and accessibility. Interested taxi drivers can now reserve and purchase AION ES through the link https://bit.ly/49fhIan, or opt to rent an electric taxi through https://bit.ly/4bF8CFm . Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the sustainable transportation movement in Thailand with AION ES.

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