Bridgestone Delivers Utmost High-Performance Driving Experience On-Road & Off-Road with Premium All-Terrain Tire, "BRIDGESTONE DUELER ALL-TERRAIN A/T002" in 10 Sizes

Motors News Friday March 15, 2024 15:45 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bridgestone Delivers Utmost High-Performance Driving Experience On-Road & Off-Road with Premium All-Terrain Tire,

Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. introduced a new premium all-terrain tire for pickups and PPVs, "BRIDGESTONE DUELER ALL-TERRAIN A/T002" under the concept of "Conquer All-Terrain, Towards Superior Destination". This new range is available in 10 sizes for 15 to 20-inch rims, offering customers the solutions to conquer challenges on any terrain, whether On-Road or Off-Road.

Mr. Keiji Chuma, Managing Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand). Co., Ltd. stated, "Bridgestone is committed to developing premium quality tires that satisfy the diverse mobility lifestyle needs with superior value and safety standards. The new BRIDGESTONE DUELER ALL-TERRAIN A/T002 is the premium all-terrain tire for pickups and PPVs to help customers conquer all terrains and offer increased high-performance driving on On-Road or Off-Road. Supporting this journey is a newly developed tire compound delivering improved grip. These specially designed shoulders offer better off-road traction, and aggressive tread patterns are developed to improve handling without compromising off-road traction. Our OPTIMISED CONTACT PATCH technology distributes tire load evenly, thus improving wear and mileage. The tire is available in 10 sizes for 15 to 20-inch rims."


  • Aggressive Tread Pattern offers increased driving performance and response in all terrains.
    • Innovative new central blocks with a hexagonal design offer good traction and braking stability on a wide range of surfaces.
    • Specially designed longitudinal & lateral grooves improve traction in off-road terrain and maintain cleanliness when transitioning back to paved road.
    • The new shoulder block design improves traction on all terrain while the bridge between shoulder blocks and sidewall helps increase traction on gravel terrain.
  • Exceptional Dry & Wet Grip offers improved vehicle handling in straight lines and corners.
    • New silica-rich tire compound offering superior wet road performance.
    • Optimized groove arrangement among the blocks to prevent aquaplaning by maximizing water evacuation on wet roads.
    • Z-shaped sipes developed to increase tire contact patch, offering increased grip in the straight and corners.
  • Improved Mileage compared to previous model *1
    • New optimized All-Terrain tire contact patch put more tires on the road.
    • Deeper treads to increase mileage with a higher ratio of natural rubber without compromising low rolling resistance quality.
    • OPTIMISED CONTACT PATCH developed with the 5 rows of tire treads of hexagonal block shape technology in engineered pattern architecture to distribute load and minimize uneven wear evenly.

Consumers interested in BRIDGESTONE DUELER ALL-TERRAIN A/T002 can contact the nearest Bridgestone dealers or any COCKPIT service center across the country. For more product information, please visit or call the customer service at 02-636-1555.

*1 Referenced from internal standard comparing BRIDGESTONE DUELER ALL-TERRAIN A/T002 to BRIDGESTONE DUELER A/T001 size 265/65R17.

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