Thai automaker SRA unveils first electric sport vintage prototype

Motors News Wednesday March 27, 2024 12:32 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Thai automaker SRA unveils first electric sport vintage prototype

Siam Racing Automobiles (SRA), a Thai automaker, introduces the groundbreaking "SRA Hanuman 3" electric prototype, marking Thailand's venture into sports electric vehicles. Under the visionary initiation of Prince Bira's son, the company realizes the transition from motorsport to electric vehicles, aligning with the evolving global automotive landscape. Anticipation surges as collectors worldwide express interest in pre-ordering the limited-edition model, commemorating the 110th anniversary of Prince Bira.

M.R. Biranubongse Bhanubandh, Co-Founder of Siam Racing Automobiles Co., Ltd (SRA), a pioneer in electric vehicle technology, revealed that the company is proud to unveil the Thai prototype "SRA Hanuman 3" to the public for the first time at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024. This important launch marks another great step in the development of electric vehicle technology by Thais, being the world's first unveiling that combines motorsport heritage, creativity, and cutting-edge engineering.

The inception of the SRA Hanuman 3 arises from the visionary collaboration between esteemed industry leaders. Spearheaded by the son of Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh, renowned as Prince Bira of Siam, the first ever Thai Formula One racing driver, and a distinguished automotive engineering team with a wealth of experience garnered from prestigious companies such as Ferrari, Tesla, Toyota, and Jaguar Land Rover, this union seamlessly marries invaluable heritage with cutting-edge technology.

Mr. Parkin Saengvijit, Co-Founder and Director of Design and Engineering, highlights that the SRA Hanuman 3 sets a groundbreaking standard in the electric vehicle landscape. Anticipated to deliver exceptional performance, it boasts 577 horsepower, 525 Nm of torque, a 62 kWh battery capacity, a range of 450 km per charge, and a weight of merely 800 kg.

At the heart of the SRA Hanuman 3 lies a meticulously crafted 430 kW electric motor, a product of collaboration with industry-leading entities such as Acme Inter, Hoganas, and Chiang Mai University. Additionally, SRA's unwavering commitment to excellence is evidenced by its focus on producing top-tier batteries through Oska Holding, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Precision control systems are paramount, with collaborations with Nexzter for braking systems and Lenso for alloy wheels, culminating in a driving experience that is both powerful and precise.

In commemoration of Prince Bira's 110th anniversary, SRA is set to release a highly exclusive edition of the SRA Hanuman 3, limited to just 110 units. Priced at 6 million baht (approximately 131,000 or EUR155,000), this elite offering promises a truly luxurious driving experience. Prospective buyers can anticipate test-driving opportunities within 2 years, with deliveries expected within 1-2 years thereafter. To enhance the model's prestige, SRA has collaborated with Naraya, a revered Thai

fabric goods brand, to craft an exclusive set of bags for discerning SRA customers, further elevating the ownership journey.

The SRA Hanuman 3 epitomizes automotive excellence, seamlessly blending timeless charm with cutting-edge technology to redefine the electric vehicle. Media and enthusiasts alike are invited to experience the future of electric sports cars firsthand at the SRA booth in Hall 4 of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, hosted at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani.

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