Chia Tai Empowers Young Talent to Unleash Full Potential And Contribute to Sustainability in One Young World Summit 2021

Economy News Thursday July 29, 2021 14:33 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Chia Tai Empowers Young Talent to Unleash Full Potential  And Contribute to Sustainability in One Young World Summit 2021

Nowadays, it is apparent that several corporations are required to develop and adapt to changes. Chia Tai, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, has operated in Thailand for over 100 years and always strived to evolve in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. The company has not only developed new agricultural breakthroughs, but also nurture its youthful talents who are seeds of the future growth and will propel the company to long-term success.

Most recently, the company has opened the opportunity for its talented colleague, Ms. Charuporn Sukkaset, who was designated as one of the 20 delegates among 150 candidates from Charoen Pokphand Group's various business units to represent Thailand at the "One Young World Summit 2021". For the first time, the summit, which was attended by over 2,000 participants from 190 countries, was held as a virtual event in Munich, Germany, from 22 - 25 July 2021. One Young World is a global summit for young leaders from around the world to use as a platform to exchange ideas and explore solutions to critical global concerns. This year, the summit features 6 major topics, including Climate Crisis, Education, Rights and Freedom, Conflict Resolution, Future Economies, and COVID-19 Lessons from the Pandemic. Above all, this is about harnessing the power of younger generations to effect change for a sustainable future.

"Create a culture of learning; Encourage an environment that inspires sheer creativity; and support the value of innovations." Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, Chief Executive Officer of Chia Tai Company Limited, unveiled about Chia Tai's way of human resources development before elaborating further, "At Chia Tai, Innovation is one of our core values. We focus heavily on the creation of innovations, not only in products and service, but also in the mindset of all employees, regardless of their job levels. They must be keen on learning, as well as developing themselves and their skillset. We always support and offer opportunities for our staff to express their insights and expertise through various activities, courses, and thought-provoking initiatives, for example Chia Tai Incubation Project, in which they can present their work and build it as a new startup business with Chia Tai as a supporter and consultant. Furthermore, the areas in Chia Tai Headquarters are deliberately designed to provide our staff with positive environment and co-working spaces that support them to collaborate as teamwork and spark new ideas. Moreover, we provide areas for our colleagues to relax from work and enhance their health and wellness, for instance Fitness Center and Golf Simulator Room. To further accentuate our commitment to the development of human resources which will scale the height of our success to another level of agricultural sustainability, we have selected our high-caliber youthful employee to participate in One Young World Summit 2021 which is hosted as a virtual event with young delegates from around the globe, and she intends to voice out about Climate Crisis issue that gradually becomes more serious and inevitably affects agriculture. These initiatives reflect our intention to build Chia Tai as an organization of continuous learning so as to encourage all our employees who are like quality seeds of the future to grow with the company and take steps towards the next century of prosperity on a sustainable basis."

Ms. Charuporn Sukkaset, Product Manager of Seed Business, Chia Tai Company Limited, who represents the company in One Young World Summit 2021 said, "I chose to share 'Climate Crisis' as I have worked directly in the Seed Business for over 8 years. Now that I am in charge of Brassica products and have the opportunity to work on-site with farmers, I am deeply aware of how abrupt and drastic climate change is affecting agriculture. Farmers must contend with global warming, erratic rainfall, and draughts, all of which pose considerable challenges to the quality and quantity of produce, farmers' income and quality of life, and overall food security. Climate Crisis has affected everyone. As a result, I would like to speak up in order to raise awareness and encourage change, because everyone of us can take action from the root cause, which is ourselves. Furthermore, as a leading agricultural company, Chia Tai will contribute our part to address and solve this issue."
"I would like to thank all the distinguished management of Chia Tai and Charoen Pokphand Group for giving me an opportunity to be a representative from Chia Tai to participate in this international summit. This is an excellent opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience, grow professionally, and present the company's viewpoints and dedication to the world, particularly our aim to focus on the environment, conserve nature, and solve agricultural problems. I will apply the valuable experience gained from this One Young World Summit to the development of my work, as well as share this invaluable experience with Chia Tai colleagues, in order to drive the company and inspire all of my peers to embrace continuous learning and self-development, as well as taking action to benefit society in the future," Ms. Charuporn concluded.

At Chia Tai, all employees are quality seeds of the future. Building a culture of active learning and innovation within the organization is thus similar to providing fertile soil rich in nutrients that will nurture the seeds to grow into strong trees, paving the way for Chia Tai to ultimately achieve the company's purpose of improving people's quality of life on a sustainable basis by fostering agricultural innovations through quality products and services.

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