Kaidee is ready to “fight together” with Thailand through the COVID-19 crisis #สู้ด้วยกัน

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Kaidee is ready to “fight together” with Thailand through the COVID-19 crisis #สู้ด้วยกัน

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Kaidee, the largest online marketplace in Thailand, has launched a campaign, #สู้ด้วยกัน (Su-Duay-Kan, Thai for “fight together”), to improve quality of life for Thai people, who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Tiwa York, Chief Executive / Head Coach Kaidee, said in a statement: "Due to COVID-19, many people have been forced to stop work, been laid off, or have had to close down their businesses. As an established platform among Thais, Kaidee is here to make it easy for us all to help each other during these difficult times.”

We have launched the #สู้ด้วยกัน campaign to support all people who want to help each other out through the Kaidee platform. On a special new section of our site, we will feature listings with the hashtag #สู้ด้วยกัน in their description. This campaign is targeted towards:

Individuals selling items at home for extra money.Businesses and stores that are temporarily closed, who can sell items in over 200 categories
on Kaidee, such as electronics, clothing, agricultural products, etc.People seeking work and those who are hiring, both of which can use the "Job" category to
find or list positions.Anyone who wants to donate to those in need can list items in the "Donate" category.

In 2019, 22 million people used Kaidee and sold more than 1.3 million products -- an average of one item every 19 seconds. We hope to create an opportunity for everyone to use Kaidee’s platform to make extra money and to support the Thai economy in a time of need. We are also partnering with shipping partners like Skootar, Giztix, and Shippop to offer shipping discounts and door-to-door pickup service at your house to help avoid health risks and maintain “social distancing”. In addition to the #สู้ด้วยกัน campaign, Kaidee is also waiving Listing Fees and Listing Renewal Fees to reduce the burden on operators in the categories of RodKaidee (cars), BaanKaidee (real estate), auto parts, mobile phones & tablets, as well as amulets through the month of April.

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